There is yet no cure for Alzheimer’s disease but with the proper treatment, you can vastly improve the quality of life and daily activities.

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Reversal of Alzheimer’s Dementia

Over the last six years, advances in neuroscience have begun unraveling the mystery of a population of cells within the brain called primed-microglia. Primed-microglia are an inflammatory and destructive form of white blood cell that are triggered by 4 different known mechanisms; encephalitis (brain tissue infection), repeated brain trauma such as that occurring in the …

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Overnutrition and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Overnutrition is a term that refers to how excessive nutrients can damage the human body. The modern diet has become a common source of excessive nutrients and increases dangerous levels of systemic inflammation within the body.  The stress from the inflammation will activate the genes within our DNA and trigger or worsen common medical conditions …

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Aging is associated with low-grade chronic inflammatory state referred to “inflamm-ageing” or inflammaging.   Inflammaging is abnormal and unhealthy. It is associated with a chronically increased level of inflammatory chemicals within the blood stream called cytokines, and looks as if there is a chronic infection within the body but none exists. Inflammaging accompanies virtually all …

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Are you AGE-ing?

You might be aging too fast … from how you cook your food. The manner and the temperature in which we cook our food has a large impact on our brain and body.  Higher cooking temperatures results in the formation of unnatural and unhealthy substances referred to as advanced glycation end products. These substances are …

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Always Look For The Cause Beyond the Label

I was given important advice during my residency by my mentor Hans Einstein, the nephew of famed physicist Albert Einstein. He taught me to ignore the labels attached to patients. Labels like Irritable Bowel, Anxiety, Stroke, Alzheimer’s, Cerebral Palsy, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD), Fibromyalgia or Autism were originally intended to help researchers understand a particular …

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Choosing How You Die, One Meal at a Time

Too tired to fight with the kids over healthy food and snacks? Too tempted by tasty sugars and carbs to cut them from your diet? Let’s call your diet what it really is, it is your choice of death. Everything would be easy if we could really walk on the treadmill 30 extra minutes to …

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Fish Oil’s Impact On Cognition and Brain Structure Identified in New Study

Researchers at Rhode Island Hospital’s Alzheimer’s Disease and Memory Disorders Center have found positive associations between fish oil supplements and cognitive functioning as well as differences in brain structure between users and non-users of fish oil supplements. The findings suggest possible benefits of fish oil supplements on brain health and aging. News Source:  Fish oil’s …

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