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Proper daily Exercise can help keep your Autonomic Nervous System running smoothly and optimize your health while reducing the chances of injury.

  • Get Out of the Carb Coma

    Hello readers, We apologize for the break in blog posts, but no matter how much of our own advice we…

  • Jumping on the Exercise Bandwagon

    The jump to starting exercise may be easier than most think, but usually the hardest part is jumping off the…

  • Do You Think 'The Biggest Loser' Is Exploitative?

    I do! I’ve watched the show the ‘The Biggest Loser’ a few times and come away each time with the…

  • What is a ‘Good’ Protein Shake?

    As previously posted, protein bars are a convenient way to supplement a meal or have after a workout. Protein shakes…

  • What is a 'Good' Protein Bar?

    Protein bars are an excellent way to supplement a meal and they are great for post-workout energy and to restore…

  • Start Your Exercise Today!

    Patients begin a weight loss program with us and want to ramp up the exercise immediately.  Although I think it…

  • How Stress Affects The Body

    A 2004 study that followed mothers of chronically ill children showed that the stress of caregiving actually caused these women…

  • True or False? Exercise Turns Fat Into Muscle.

    False. Fat and muscles are both composed of different types of cells in our bodies. Exercise drives  muscle cells to…

  • Start Here – 6 Steps to Reduce Hunger and Lose Weight

    The Science of Hunger is a simple weight loss program I have developed over time for the patients in my…

  • 10 Tips To Staying Active During The Work Week

    These may seem silly, but the point is that sweating it out at the gym isn’t the only way to…


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