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Insulin Resistance

Doctors refer the metabolic abnormality that causes escalating levels of insulin as insulin resistance which increases the risk of many medical conditions.

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    Introduction Many patients commonly experience symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency or incontinence.  They may wake 2-4 times at night to…

  • Insulin Resistance

    Insulin Resistance – A Stone Age Human In A Carbohydrate World. We live in a culture that presently encourages consumption…

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    Obesity is now a bigger overall threat to people’s health than smoking, according to results of the longest ongoing health…

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    Many patients I see  in my practice are taking fish oil supplements and don’t really understand why they are beneficial …

  • Are You At Risk For A Heart Attack or Diabetes Because of Insulin Resistance?

    What is Insulin Resistance? Insulin is a hormone. It helps your body move sugar from the blood stream into the…

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    Waking still fatigued in the morning in spite of sleeping for many hours is referred to as ‘non-restorative sleep’ and…

  • Does Insulin Resistance Have Any Symptoms and What Is Metabolic Syndrome?

    What are the Symptoms of Insulin Resistance? People may have Insulin Resistance for several years without noticing anything.  But in…

  • If I Have Insulin Resistance or Metabolic Syndrome, How Can I Make It Go Away?

    What Causes Insulin Resistance and Metabolic Syndrome? The last 20 years has seen an epidemic rise in Obesity, Metabolic Syndrome…

  • Stone Age Humans And The Introduction Of Carbohydrates

    Modern humans evolved from our Stone Age ancestors that lived within a hunter-gatherer society whose main sources of food were…


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