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It’s Nice Being Recognized

It’s Nice Being Recognized
July 29, 2016 Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

FB_Holding _TextbookIt’s nice to have others recognize my medical expertise.

The authors of the most recent textbook on the Autonomic Nervous System have cited my research from 2009 describing autonomic dysfunction in HIV Disease. This textbook explains the complicated science and math in the spectral analysis Autonomic Nervous System (brain) testing that I use to help my patients.

Now in 2016 I have learned to reverse autonomic damage by resetting intestinal bacteria, rebalance omega fatty acids, and using vagal nerve stimulation. We hope to soon publish this work with one of the lead authors of this textbook.

Understanding how the brain and the body are broken, then helping the body to produce regenerating stem cells and repair itself is the ultimate in pro-active medicine and disease reversal.

The future has arrived and it can be found in restoring autonomic nervous system function.
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