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Love That Cottage Cheese

Love That Cottage Cheese
August 13, 2009 Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

One of the more maligned food products is cottage cheese.  Like many dairy products that fell out of favor during the misdirected ‘Low Fat Phase’ of America (Which Way Should We Go, Low Fat or Low Carb?), cottage cheese was painted as a fat-ladened food that should be avoid least our coronary arteries burst from its fat content.

We know now that one of the healthiest patterns for eating is a lower carbohydrate intake (see my low carb lifestyle guidelines) in which only 25-30% of our calorie intake is from carbohydrates (Americans often eat 55-60% or more of their calories as carbohydrates).  We also need to increase our protein intake to improve our muscle mass and suppress our hunger (Are You Eating Enough Protein?).

Cottage cheese is almost 60% protein with very little carbohydrate, and an excellent alternative for protein during lunch, breakfast or even as a high protein, appetite-suppressing snack.   We keep plenty of cottage cheese available at my house for a quick, high protein meal.  It’s inexpensive, ready made and refreshing especially on a hot day.

Caution – try to avoid buying the low fat version because the carbohydrate content goes way up and may worsen your insulin resistance if you’re wresting with that.  The general rule for dairy products is that if it’s ‘low fat’, they removed the fat but replaced it with carbohydrates in the form of milk sugar.


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