Low Calorie Drinks (Part 2)

With the holidays just around the corner the calories from foods may add up to extra weight baggage.  But what is also commonly forgotten is that the calories from drinks add up much faster than foods.  That is because drinks are not as filling as solid foods and more drinks are consumed than realized.  Drinks do have calories, and most specifically, alcoholic drinks can have a lot of calories.  In a previous post, we listed alternatives to the popular holiday drinks.  Here is a selection of light beers with lower calories and in some cases, lower in carbs.  Many argue that lighter beers have a change in alcohol content but many beers provide what is needed; the holiday drink in hand.  Follow the list below to see if you could alternate your favorite beer for a more diet conscious beer.

Name                          Calories          Carbs         Alcohol Content

Anheuser Busch                          95                    3.2                   4.2

Aspen Edge                                   94                    2.6                   4.1

Bud Select                                     99                    3.1                   4.3

Bud Select 55                               55                    1.9                   2.4

Coors Light                                 104                   5.3                   4.15

Keystone Light                         103                   5.0                   4.13

Michelob Ultra                            95                    2.6                   4.1

Miller Draft Light                      110                  7.0                   4.1

MGD 64                                          64                    2.4                   4.2

Sam Adams Light                      124                  9.7

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Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

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