Neck Pain

ADD, ADHD, Brain Fog and MCI are Due to Low Brain Blood Pressure

How are ADHD and Brain Fog associated with your autonomic nervous system? Well, the ANS regulates how your body functions, and it controls blood pressure and heart rate. When your nervous system fails to supply adequate blood pressure to the brain, you now have a little less oxygen than your brain needs to function fully …

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Nighttime Potty

Many patients I see have difficulty sleeping because they have to go to the bathroom multiple times during the night. Men are often told it has to do with their prostate being enlarged while women are often told they have a distended or prolapsed bladder. While these problems may cause people to urinate more frequently …

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Coat Hanger Neck Pain

Many individuals with chronic or intermittent neck tightness and pain are misdiagnosed.   They are told their vertebrae are out of alignment, have muscular injury from an accident, have a pinched nerve, “carry their stress there”, or have arthritic changes noted on an x-ray. While certainly some individuals may have nerve compression from a serious …

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Do You Have Autonomic Dysfunction?