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Now on Sale! The Nemechek Protocol for Autism and Developmental Disorders

Now on Sale! The Nemechek Protocol for Autism and Developmental Disorders
July 15, 2017 Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

Dr. Nemechek’s long awaited guide for children with autism and developmental disorders has finally arrived!

Introductory Price of $14.99. Sale Ends Soon!

Get you copy today, and learn why The Nemechek Protocol has become the most rapidly growing treatment approach for autism and developmental disorders worldwide.

Electronic versions are available for iBooks (iOS), Kindle (Amazon), GooglePlay (Android) and generic (EPUB) compatible smartphones, tablets, and readers.  These versions can also be read with your computer’s web browser (Safari, Chrome and Firefox).

Receive FREE UPDATES (electronic versions only) as Dr. Nemechek adds new chapters and updates covering the management of relapses, prevention, and autonomics dysfunction in children (exact topics may vary).

Introductory price of $14.99!


  1. Kelsey Emuss 5 months ago

    Dr Nemechek. I have only read only 17% of the book and already know that people WILL LOVE THIS BOOK! The simple way that you explain (with diagrams) the bacterial overgrowth is amazing! This is an easy read and will help many connect the dots further and understand how (and why) your protocol will save kids! Can’t thank you enough!!

  2. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 5 months ago

    Thanks Kelsey! I hope people understand it enough to try it on their children.

    It’s deceptively simple and shockingly effective.

    Dr. N

  3. Kristine Nally 5 months ago

    I am halfway through the book! The science is nothing short of amazing, and the book is well organized and well written. Does this autism protocol apply to kids with inattentive ADD and anxiety? Thank you for everything that you do!

  4. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 5 months ago

    I’m glad you enjoy the book. My wife Jean puts the polish on my words otherwise you would be reading something similar to a text book in college.!

    Yes, the protocol will specifically help ADD and anxiety. These are both symptoms of low brain blood pressure and oxygen delivery from autonomic dysfunction.

    The autonomic dysfunction comes from cumulative brain injury that I mention in the book.

    Dr. N

  5. Anonymous 4 months ago

    Is this book a guide to work with our kids? I mean, this is the protocol indeed?
    Or is just a panoramic view of the protocol? I ask this because we are from South America and we want to try this!!!

  6. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 4 months ago

    This book has specific details about how I treat children with autism, developmental delays as well as cumulative brain injury (ADD, ADHD, chronic depression, post concussion syndrome)

  7. Anonymous 4 months ago

    Hi! This looks very promising. Can you comment on whether any of this relates to the methylation cycle, use of methyl B12 and lowered glutathione? Is there any connection to heavy metals or chelation that many parents find helpful?

    Thank you!

  8. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 4 months ago

    I don’t believe those treatments are necessary when using my protocol.

    As a matter of fact, I’ve had many parents comment to me that they had major setbacks after adding these treatments onto the protocol after already seeing significant gains.

    It’s my impression that some providers won’t just let the children improve and leave well enough alone. They seem to need to sell the parents some additional concoction that that can make things worse.

  9. Sejal Shah 4 months ago

    HI Dr N.
    What is your opinion then on MAPS doctors? some children have recovered on their treatments, though it is a lot of things for children to take.

  10. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 4 months ago

    Regardless of the characterizing label of the treating provider, I believe most genuinely are trying to their best to help children with autism, developmental disorders, etc.
    These conditions are extremely complex and traditional approaches have shown little interest, benefit or ingenuity in their approach.

    The problem with ‘the biomedical approach’ is trying to understand what exactly helps the children when they are given so many chemical compounds. When reviewing records of a child or an adult, I should be able to discern the strategy being used to treat any particular condition. The body is a machine, and once one understands the physiology as thoroughly as I do it is relatively easy to spot the clinician’s strategy.

    Most of my patients arrive with a sack of expensive supplements that don’t represent a clear treatment strategy for autism from a modern pathophysiological standpoint.

    Many individual supplements are composed of a wide variety of individual ingredients that it amounts to nothing less than a dangerous form of polypharmacy. Add on top of this that it is estimated that 80% of supplements sold are complete fraud leads me to believe that most of it does help at all.

    Some of it is clearly harmful and I have several patients who have added some ‘biomedical’ supplements back after improving on my protocol only to have a dramatic loss in their neurological function.

    I believe most of the clinicians genuinely care about the children they are treating, and are trying to do their best. It’s just the science for most forms of autism, especially regressive autism, is centering around inflammation, microglia dysfunction and bacterial overgrowth If these providers would update their treatment strategies in the same direction, and I believe everyone will be better off.

  11. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 4 months ago

    Losec is used to treat acid reflux and if the acid reflux is bad enough can cause tooth decay.

    In the children I treat, SIBO is often the cause of reflux. Fortunately The Nemechek Protocol often eliminates the acid reflux altogether.

    All the details on how to implement The Nemechek Protocol can be found in our new e-book available at

    The Nemechek Protocol can help children with autism and developmental disorders. Versions for PDF readers, Kindle, iBooks, Google Play and EPUB readers are now available.

    Most of the versions can even be read on your Chrome or Firefox browser of your computer. Buy your copy today at

    I recommend consulting your physician before implementing the protocol

    Dr. N

  12. Nicole Reyes 4 months ago

    Hello Dr. Nemechek,
    My son is 2.8 year old son is speech delayed, chronic ear infections {although perfect hearing} and enlarged adenoids. We have been on your protocol as a family since June 15 and my son is now expressing himself more than ever and use 2-3 word sentences. He had a general brain fog about him and the protocol just snapped him out of it. However- my question is – the ENT recommended tubes and adenoids removal {he is very nasal when talking and has sinus pressure} and I’m scared to put him under { but I am also scared of more ear infections} – as the protocol is working so well for us and it appears we would need to stop for two weeks before surgery. I was reading in your book that surgery and trauma in general can increase SIBO.. Any advice for young kids that young and going under general? {My son has had ongoing ear and sinus infections since 3months of age – lots of antibiotics – which I think has resulted in SIBO/brain fog/speech delay. other odd behaviors that have vanished since I found your protocol.. Special thanks to Kelsey for her FB group that made it all possible. Big fans here in Minneapolis! {I’m on your protocol for massive anxiety issues – you are amazing!}

  13. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 4 months ago

    When on chronic inulin suppression of bacterial overgrowth, anesthesia generally causes only a temporary relapse in symptoms if any at all.

    The inflammatory stress can also cause some symptoms but this generally recovers in a short amount of time in my patients as well.

  14. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 4 months ago

    All the details on The Nemechek Protocol can be found in our new e-book available at

    Dr. Nemechek uses The Nemechek Protocol can help children with autism and developmental disorders. Versions for PDF readers, Kindle, iBooks, and Google Play readers are now available.

    Most of the versions can even be read on your Chrome or Firefox browser of your computer. Buy your copy today at

    I recommend consulting your physician before implementing the protocol on your own.

    Dr. N

  15. Paulina 4 months ago

    Hello Dr. Have you ever consider a Spanish book?
    To many families from Latin America are very interesting in this protocol.

  16. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 3 months ago

    Yes, we are actively searching for a medical transcription editor to help with the translation.

  17. Lala 3 months ago

    My four year old is on tenex , valtrex and celexa. Is it ok to
    Start you protocol and slowly work with his dr to decrease his med. he has autism and ADHD.

  18. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 3 months ago

    I discuss how to handle other prescription medications in my book.

    You may purchase a copy at

  19. Anonymous 3 months ago

    Dear Mr.Nemechek
    I am from Turkey of Europe and have a five-year-old child with autism.
    I have not a well income, and my english is not fluent. So I mean that I can’t afford the 1 hour phone speaking with you. But I can buy the medicines which you recommend for my child , and buy also a book from your shop. I want to send my son’s test results to you. ıf you want any test, I can accomplish them also.
    I will wait your answer.

  20. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 3 months ago

    Thank you supporting our efforts by purchasing the book.

    The printed versions has just been released and contains more chapters on how to recognize and manage relapse, an explanation of The Inflammatory-Neurotoxic Spectrum of Autism and my thoughts on possible prevention and vaccination. All electronic versions of the book will receive an link for an update mid-next week.

    In regards to the lab work, I’m sorry but you’ll need to share your lab tests with your local physicians.

  21. Jen 3 months ago

    What is the maximum amount of fish oil that can be given to a 5 year old child? I’ve been trying to get his speech to emerge (nonverbal ASD). So far he makes sounds and a two word approximations, says “ba” for bye “ma” for mom. I have him on 1/2 tsp inulin powder, and I give him Nordic Naturals Omega 3 liquid which contains 1560mg EPA/DHA (500mg of DHA, 745 EPA, 315 Other Omegas) per 5 ml and I’ve upped that to 7.5ml after a few months at 5ml trying to see if his speech would improve. But I am not sure if that is too much for his age? Also haven’t been as consistent with getting the EVOO in since it’s almost like he can taste when I put it onto his food, so not sure if this makes a big difference as well.

  22. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 3 months ago

    You can’t forced the pace of recovery.

    As long as behavior, sensory and emotional function are improving you need to just sit tight and do your best to be patients.

    Sometimes speech recovery occurs within the first month and sometimes it might occur in 12 months. It’s impossible for me to predict.

  23. Brooke Hawkins 3 months ago

    I am so thrilled to be purchasing your book! I’ve been following a fantastic Facebook group trying to soak in as much knowledge as possible. We don’t have a clear diagnosis for my son.. that’s it frustration… he’s 4.5 and we’ve had everything from ASD, ADHD, anxiety, OCD… as recently had some testing through NeuroBiologix and he had a number of inflammation genetic markers and also is homozygous for C677T…. basically we’re clueless. Saw a functional medicine doctor who was just wonderful. I truly believe she’s trying to help us BUT we walked out of there with about 12 different supplements. I can’t see this working long term. My son is very verbal, definitely has some receptive and expressive language issues though. The hyperactivity is one I can’t even describe, he’s very impulsive. He can be aggressive at times. We’ve tried so many different things. Do you think your protocol could possibly help us? And also to where we can stop all of the supplements. I’ve seen so many positive, encouraging things from parents. We just aren’t sure what else to try.

  24. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 3 months ago

    I think there is a good chance he’ll do well with this protocol.

  25. Heather 3 months ago

    Hello! I watched your you tube video where you recommend Now Foods DHA 500. On the ingredients list it states vitamin E from Soy, which I thought you wanted us to avoid since its high in omega 6. It does list two omega 3’s on the ingredients list though, so I’m confused. Is there a better supplement without the soy? Thank you!

  26. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 3 months ago

    I say to avoid the omega-6 fatty acids that are contained in soy oil. I do not say to avoid soy in general or Vitamin E that is derived from soy.

  27. Elizabeth 2 months ago

    Hi Dr Nemechek, I am writing to you from Northern NSW, Australia. If you ever feel to tour Down Under please contact me, I would love to support you with planning, bookings and host you :-).
    My 9 year old son has HF Autism and we have been on your protocol now for about 6 months. He has had excellent gains with his social skills and behaviour management. His sensory issues have reduced somewhat also. I find the protocol very easy as I have tried sooooo many things over the years, many of which have been very difficult to sustain.
    My question is – my son has an insatiable appetite for juice and ice blocks. I keep organic, good quality juice in our fridge for him to take tablets with and he is constantly trying to sneak it, same as I keep little frozen mango and coconut treats in the freezer and he could easily put away 20 per day if I let him (sometimes he has when I have not let him!). He truly is insatiable. He constantly says “Im hungry”! At times I feel it’s all habit but when I quiz him on this he really packs a tantrum and cries and cries saying he will die if he does not get a juice or frozen food. He barely wants to eat any “normal” food, and even when I serve dinner when he is “STARVING” he will only eat a small amount and then go to the freezer for another frozen treat. I know I should just be rid of them, and I will when this latest batch run out, but this has been ongoing his whole life. At times when I stop making them he will then just eat ice – frozen water. When he was a babe and had chronic major gut issues he was literally on my breast 24/7, he would sleep beside me with my boob in his mouth, I am sure it was a comfort for his gut pain to constantly have input. I really do feel his gut issues are much better today, as he is able to tolerate things that used to cause instant projectile vomiting and his stools are better, which makes me wonder if this is just some residual habit thing, however even when he is distracted by friends or playing with me he will still go to the fridge and grab at these items. I wonder if you have an opinion on it that you might kindly share? It is driving me bonka’s! (That’s Aussie for “crazy”)
    All the very best to you and thank you so much for sharing your work. My son’s teacher’s are so impressed with his gains and recommending other mums at school come and speak with me for advice haha 😉 I am sending them all your way. We would love to have you here in Australia.

  28. Anonymous 2 months ago

    i have purchased the ibook but was not able to download it, kindly do i get the book.could it be sent to my email

  29. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 2 months ago

    Please send all book purchase/download questions to

  30. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 2 months ago

    There are a few mechanisms that can “break” in our physiology, and lead to increased hunger.

    One mechanism is damage to the autonomic nervous system, and results in inadequate delivery of blood and oxygen to the brain. Individuals with this damage can experience intense cravings for salt and sugar, and/or are very thirsty.

    Generally this goes away with time, just hang in there and stay focused on the big picture, and the autonomic issues typically will all resolve.

  31. Marissa 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. N– we have been following the protocol for our 6.5 yo son diagnosed with ADHD for just over a month. He has been on the feingold diet for just over a year. We have seen great progress and he did so well over the last 3 days with a total relaxation of his diet! I have so much hope for the future for him! Thank you so much. I’m curious about vaccines going forward–is it risky to get the flu vaccine? Will it upset the progress we’ve made?

  32. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 2 months ago


    I’m delighted to hear of your son’s improvements.

    We obviously do not have the studies needed to clearly understand what to do in regards to trying to protect our children from such deadly illnesses as measles.

    I have included a chapter in the updated version of our book that discusses my thoughts about the vaccination of child with autism and or any of the developmental disorders.

    A copy can be purchased at

    Best wishes – Dr. N

  33. Anonymous 2 months ago

    Dr. Nemecheck,

    I have a 5 year old non-verbal autistic son. He doesn’t sleep very good either. I have read ur protocol on reversing autism. I’m wanting to try my son on the inulin and the omega 3 but I don’t know how much of each to give him starting out. I would give anything for my son to talk, play with toys and other kids, just be normal. Could u please help me? Is there anything u can tell me about him not sleeping.

  34. Lisa 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Nemechek,
    My best friend has had amazing success with her autistic daughter on the Protocol. It’s really remarkable. I have stuttered since early childhood (I’m now in my 30’s) and I’m wondering if you think the Protocol could help with my stutter? Based on your book, it looks like I should be on 2tsp Inulin, 3000mg of DHA a day (wow!), and 2tbs of domestic evoo daily. I wanted to get your thoughts?
    Thanks so much!!

  35. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 2 months ago

    You need to read more that just the article.

    Our book contains the dosages I use for inulin, fish oil, olive oil and rifaximin when I treat my patients.

    A copy can be purchased at

  36. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 2 months ago

    Stuttering improves with our protocol but you are not describing the adult dosages I use.

    Learn more about this by reading our full protocol. A copy may be purchased at

  37. Anonymous 2 months ago

    HI Doctor we started with the protocol in july and my son responded beautifully.His constipation went away.He became toilet trained .His focus and attentive ness increased to reasonable level .We had a beautiful period of 2 months but than he started getting gasssy on everything .He caught fever5 weeks back and since than has lost his gain of attention and focus has relapsed.once again we hear lot of echolalia and bad responding to name .We are on 2 gummeis of inulin and 1 fish gummy a day.
    Now he is son gassy the whole day that a simple fruit as well give him gross gassy. whole day he is passing gas.We are gluten free caisen free and soy free diet.
    please suggest.

  38. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 2 months ago

    My chapters on relapse explain how I deal with such situations.

    Read those chapters over or buy yourself a copy of my protocol at

  39. Lisa 2 months ago

    Hi Dr. Nemechek,
    Thank you for responding so quickly! My friend and I have your book and have been reading it together. I thought my doses were correct for adults based on the book? I thought you first liked adults to try inulin and then move to Rifaximin if the inulin is ineffective over time? And the fish oil chart states that for adults over 18 the DHA fraction must be at least 3,000mg so that’s how I determined that number. Any light you can shed would be amazing. My stutter has controlled my life for so long and I’m beyond hopeful that your Protocol will help me.

    Thank you again!

  40. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 2 months ago

    There is no need to pre-treat adults with inulin, and I have seen stuttering in many adults resolve shortly after Xifaxan.

  41. Anne 1 month ago

    Are you familiar with PANDAS/PANS at all? Technically it would cause autoimmune brain injury. Have you considered looking into the PANDAS community? right now most of those kids are making due with antibiotics or ivig. Ours has even had Lyme and many other infections. I’ve read Dr McBride work the GAPS diet. Are there any similarities?

  42. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 1 month ago

    My personal belief is that the PANS/PANDAS are part of the larger picture associated with bacterial overgrowth and primed microglia as I’ve discussed..

    I’e had several PANS/PANDAS children do great with my protocol without the use of the antibiotics.

  43. Vincent Fusco 4 weeks ago

    Hi Dr Nemechek, I have been following along with your protocol for almost 5 months now and I have had my son on a second round of Rifaximin now for almost a month this time so far, I was wondering about your thoughts on the Generic form of Rifaximin taking it longer that the ten days because of it potency availability to do the job, may take longer? Thanks,

    Vincent Fusco

  44. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 4 weeks ago

    I haven’t see any problems with the potency of generic rifaximin.

    I’ve never had to use it more than 10 days. If 10 days doesn’t seem to solve whatever intestinal symptoms you are observing, then the intestinal symptoms (bloating, cramping, reflux, constipation) may just be coming from autonomic dysfunction or some other supplement (probiotic?).

  45. Anonymous 3 weeks ago

    Hello Dr. Nemechek,
    Does this autism protocol apply to kids with Down syndrome because there is a lot in common between the two diagnoses ? İ have a three-year-old child with Down syndrome.

  46. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 3 weeks ago

    Yes but not because it can help Down’s per say but because children with Down’s may also have separate developmental delay, autism, hyperactivity, anxiety or ADD/ADHD.

  47. Stasa 1 week ago

    Hello Dr. Nemechek,

    Hi, I am giving my son Igennus PharmEPA Restore for almost 3 months. I can see a lot of differences in my son. My son is diagnosed with ADHD, few weeks back our clinical psychologist thinks he also has Asperger’s. We are waiting for confirmed diagnose which it will be taken in a few days. I think my son has a little bit of sensory issues . I never thought about autism, he is well spoken for his age, he has impulsivity problems and doesn’t really interact socially as he should set by society. We were notified about his problems when he went to primary schools in his first grade. I started to give him niacin, omega 3,, Ca and Mg from Solgar and Vitamin C. After giving him a niacin for few days, we had a very bad experience with him (he was throwing up) I ended this orthomolecular therapy that I researched through internet. After that we I read about Igennus (British company, tested by 3rd part companies) omega 3.. I started with 100 mg EPA only and after three months I can see a difference, that I haven’t seen in previous omega. In first month I gave him 3x 1000 mg EPA, after 1.5 months I gave him 2x 1000 mg EPA (morning and before bed). Few days back I found your protocol because I was dealing before with only ADHD. Now I’m dealing a possible Asoerger’s. We started yesterday with1/8 tsp inulin and 1 teaspoon of olive oil (from Slovenian’s finest) + those 2000mg EPA from Igennus. Please tell me what d you think of this: and this
    They have two version of them. One is RESTORE : 100 mg EPA and the other one is MAINTAIN: 750 mg EPA, 250 mg DHA.. I beleive this is a good product, because I can see the difference. What do you recommend, is it time to go to MAINTAIN PhramEPA or do I stick to RESTORE, which I found them currently effective? Or do I go to NORDIC NATURALS? My son is verbal, happy.. he just has problems with impulsivity and social interactions?
    I do appreciate if you can look into the numbers of Iggenus. I have studied biomedical science so I am interested in those ratio’s between DHA and EPA. And why is one or other more important..? Thank you very much for your help, Stasa

  48. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 1 week ago

    This is not the brand I recommend.

  49. RheaAnn Couch 6 days ago

    I cannot wait to receive my copy! I was directed to this site through a sweet friend of mine within the autism community and was blown away at how everything Dr. N discussed described my 5 year old son to a tee! He is non verbal but is making amazing strides since we started the protocol about a month ago. He has always had a very noticeable distended belly—GONE! People who had no idea we had begun this protocol were commenting on it! He actually wants to engage in play with us and it has been the biggest blessing- thank you Dr. N! He is learning new skills by leaps and bounds these days and we are so very hopeful that the talking piece comes. I am giving him 1 tsp daily of the inulin powder. Is that the max dose, or could we try more? Thank you from the bottom of our hearts down here in Georgia!

  50. Author
    Patrick Nemechek, D.O. 6 days ago

    You’re very welcome. Jean and I are so very happy for all the families experiencing real success and the hope that comes with it.

    Once you see the awakening effect and signs of recovery after starting the inulin, there is no need to increase the dose further.

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