Autonomic recovery begins by lowering inflammation in the body and the brain, encouraging self-production of progenitor stem cells.

Concussions and Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common ailments experienced by individuals, both young and old. The excessive retention of stool can be extremely uncomfortable, and a wide variety of remedies deal with the discomfort of poor elimination. Many people consume more fiber or prunes, drink more water, or take a

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Overnutrition and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Overnutrition is a term that refers to how excessive nutrients can damage the human body. The modern diet has become a common source of excessive nutrients and increases dangerous levels of systemic inflammation within the body.  The stress from the inflammation will activate the genes within our DNA and trigger

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PANS, PANDAS, and Autism: Different Faces of the Same Disorder

The last few decades have seen an alarming increase in acquired neurological disorders among children.  Children are increasingly developing conditions such as autism, developmental delay, sensory problems, emotional disorders, attention disorders (ADD/ADHD), post-concussion syndrome, tics, Tourette’s syndrome, and PANS, and PANDAS.  Acquired neurological conditions developed after birth and are view

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Read Dr. Nemechek’s Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Article on COVID-19

Read this short communication piece I wrote that was just published in the Journal of Emerging Diseases and Virology. Vagus nerve stimulation holds the potential to suppress the dangerous inflammatory surge (“cytokine storm”) believed to contribute to the lethality of COVID-19 infection. Five minutes of transcutaneous VNS can substantially suppress

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Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Control COVID-19 Inflammation

This is a video I put together that reviews the cytokine storm associated with the severe cases of respiratory failure COVID-19 infection and how vagus nerve stimulation might be used to lessen the severity of the cytokine surge. Patients hospitalized with COVID-19 are predominantly dying of respiratory failure due to

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How Much of a Good Thing?

Olive oil is the most important aspect of the Mediterranean diet and it contain phenols, oleic acid, and Vitamin E that help protect and improve the health of humans who consume olive oil regularly.  The consumption of omega-3 fatty acids from food and fish also contribute to the positive benefits

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Important Update about COOC-Certified Olive Oils

Dear Followers of The Nemechek Protocol®, The Nemechek Protocol requires the consumption of extra virgin olive oil as a key piece of medical therapy, and I believe the COOC-certification is essential in order to maintain the remarkable improvements in health many of you have experienced. The COOC-certification process is stricter

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Reversal of Alzheimer’s Dementia

Over the last six years, advances in neuroscience have begun unraveling the mystery of a population of cells within the brain called primed-microglia. Primed-microglia are an inflammatory and destructive form of white blood cell that are triggered by 4 different known mechanisms; encephalitis (brain tissue infection), repeated brain trauma such

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Where Does Cancer Come From?

People diagnosed with cancer naturally search for explanations for its origin and wonder how cancer might have been prevented.  The truth is that most cancers originate naturally within the human body from the moment of birth and continue throughout life. Studies looking for cancer in certain organs after people die

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The Depression and Suicide Epidemic

Reading about the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain might surprise many because of the stereo-types associated with suicide such as social isolation, financial problems, or a relationship crisis. The truth is these suicides occurred because the U.S. is experiencing an epidemic of chronic depression.  Without depression or other

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Nighttime Potty

Many patients I see have difficulty sleeping because they have to go to the bathroom multiple times during the night. Men are often told it has to do with their prostate being enlarged while women are often told they have a distended or prolapsed bladder. While these problems may cause

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Coat Hanger Neck Pain

Many individuals with chronic or intermittent neck tightness and pain are misdiagnosed.   They are told their vertebrae are out of alignment, have muscular injury from an accident, have a pinched nerve, “carry their stress there”, or have arthritic changes noted on an x-ray. While certainly some individuals may have

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Aging is associated with low-grade chronic inflammatory state referred to “inflamm-ageing” or inflammaging.   Inflammaging is abnormal and unhealthy. It is associated with a chronically increased level of inflammatory chemicals within the blood stream called cytokines, and looks as if there is a chronic infection within the body but none

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Foot Tappers

Some people do not hold still, they are foot tappers.  Do you know what causes this?  Surprisingly, foot tapping may be a sign of an injured nervous system and it can be significant to overall health. You will notice foot tappers at times when they should be still.  This may

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Varicose Veins and Erectile Dysfunction

As different as they sound, the development of varicose veins (men and women) and erectile dysfunction (“E.D.” in men) are often of the same origin. Having one or both of those issues may signal underlying nervous system damage that was not repaired due to metabolic inflammation. And there are nonsurgical,

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 Many people have felt an uneasy sensation in their head and they describe it as feeling dizzy. But dizziness is a term that means different things to different people.   Zeroing in on the true mechanism of your dizziness determines if you are being properly treated for your underlying problem.

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Video – How to Avoid Inflammation on Vacation

The oleic acid in olive oil reverses the inflammatory damage caused by the omega-6 fatty acids in the soy oil and vegetable oils you come in constant contact with when eating out on vacation. Increased intakes of omega-6 fatty acids, especially linoleic acid in oil, an fuel inflammation throughout your

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