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Reversal Is Possible

Nemechek Autonomic Medicine Recovery Feat Olive


Remember that Autonomic testing detects all five stages of Autonomic dysfunction and with proper treatment even the advanced stages of Autonomic Dysfunction may reverse or improve.

I invite you to explore my website to make sense of your symptoms, learn about recovery, help someone you are worried about, learn health tips you may start today to help your Autonomics, and find an actual treatment program for your Autonomic Dysfunction.

Autonomic Medicine achieves disease reversal.
The impossible is now a reality.

The Autonomic Nervous System is the Future of Comprehensive Medicine.


The future of medicine is not disease acceptance or disease management. The future of medicine is disease reversal through Autonomic Medicine.

You must first strip away all the disease labels, pills, and procedures that mask your symptoms but do nothing to reverse the underlying causes to grasp how the diseases that are killing us can be slowed down and reversed.

The Autonomic Nervous System holds the key to disease because it is the communication network our brain uses to control every system in our body and our very quality of life.

I have found that the treatment for many illnesses is relatively simple, and this is the foundation of The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment services.Ā  We must restore the brainā€™s ability to control the body through the repair of the Autonomic Nervous System. Ā When the brain has control once again it can fight illness, turn off inflammation, and promotes normal health and aging.

In the years or the decades before the onset of disease and before you get a diagnosis from a doctor, Autonomic Dysfunction will have made you too hungry, too tired, too anxious, suffer from headaches or pain, have heartburn or made you feel broken in your mind or body during your silent accumulation of damage.

As the Autonomics continue to malfunction, Autonomic testing reveals the extent and malfunction of damage.

AutonomicĀ reversal is possible once we clear infections that hinder recovery, restoreĀ the brain nutrients we used to get in our food, and remove vegetable oils from our foods which compete with our omega-3ā€™s and slow down stem cell production. And most interestingly, our Autonomics can be directly stimulated with bioelectric medicine, which scientists believe will replace many pharmaceutical medications in our lifetimes.

The future of medicine is Autonomic Medicine because the failure of our brain and Autonomics set in motion the failure of our body. The answer lies in the healing and restoration of the Autonomics and the reduction of whole system inflammation.

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