Autism is an intestine-brain-autonomic problem, and Dr. Nemechek has invented a combination of intestinal-brain-autonomic solutions.

Is your child suffering from any degree of Autism?

Is your autistic child over prescribed or lost on too many medications and treatment programs?

Have you tried multiple therapies for your childā€™s autism but they still have significant problems?

Is your autistic child suffering from a confusing array of physical, psychological, or emotional issues and you do not know what to do?

Are you naturally minded and wonder what other scientific treatments are available for Autism?

Are you an adult with Autism?

The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ for Autism focuses on how and why the brain is not working or developing correctly. Merging simple and inexpensive core nutrients and dietary patterns with traditional medicine and bioelectric stimulation of the Autonomic Nervous Systemā€™s Vagus nerve when necessary, The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ medical consultation and treatment services applies to a wide variety of ages and degrees of disorder.

The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ for Autism is a new science-based medical and nutritional program that recreates a rejuvenating inflammatory and nutrient environment in the brain that must exist for the bodiesā€™ natural systems to properly prune neurons, repair cellular damage, ignite stem cell production, properly move the intestinal tract, and manage intestinal bacterial overgrowth.

The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ medical consultation and treatment services are a long term real solution for lifelong problems.

The key features of autism are due to brain and intestinal dysfunctions.

Dr. Patrick M. Nemechek, D.O. has discovered specific treatment combinations using scientific, medical, and natural solutions to improve or reverse brain inflammation and intestinal dysfunctions. The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ for Autism, which is part of The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ medical consultation and treatment services, is different from everything else because it addresses actual physical cellular damage to the brain and dysfunction within our Autonomic Nervous System.

Autism is driven by intestinal bacterial overgrowth, chemical toxicity, metabolic inflammation, dysfunctional white blood cells, cumulative brain injury, Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction, and nutritional imbalances that leave childrenā€™s brains unable to fully develop or heal after injury.

Children today are not the healthy and resilient children in both mind and body like past generations. They are increasingly autistic, sick, food intolerant, and they suffer from a variety of mental, emotional, and developmental problems that were rare just decades ago.

Lacking insight, well-intentioned professionals have not treated the underlying cause. They have made autism too complicated and mysterious, have created too many distractions and health myths (candida, parasites, yeast, adrenals), they sell too many vitamins and supplements that create their own set of problems and toxicity, and they run too many tests (blood, urine, stool, breath) that generate profits for themselves but produce few lasting solutions.

The current worldwide epidemic of autism demands proper and effective intervention for the survival of us all.

Key answers to autismā€™s common features are found within a complex interaction between the brain, intestinal tract, and the Autonomic Nervous System.

Parents are anxious and exhausted. Without understanding the underlying causes, and confused by all the different voices and products, parents are paying too much money for ineffective treatment, trying too many programs a la carte, expecting immediate results, quitting too early, or they have so many different treatments and providers they no longer know what is helpful for the child.

It was the sickest people of yesterday who prepared me to help the children of today.
– Dr. Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

I did not set out to be an autism practitioner, but everything I learned in my first two decades as an AIDS doctor uniquely qualified me to help these children.

I started treating HIV/AIDS patients in the late-1980ā€™s. Those patients were some of the sickest patients at the time. HIV/AIDS back then was much like the state of autism today, it was an unknown frontier and the people were getting worse.

In the early days of the HIV/AIDS epidemic there was no time to spend hoping someone else would figure out what to do, the reality was that the people were alarmingly sick and they needed immediate help. HIV/AIDS doctors were forced to try new things and invent treatment along the way, and we did. Those experiences taught me to be a scientist-physician who follows and applies the science in the animal studies.

In 2006, I began to test and study the Autonomic Nervous System, a new field where advances in technology allowed me to perform sophisticated testing in my office.

I invented The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ medical consultation and treatment services over that next decade while helping otherwise healthy patients recover from concussions and ADD, control eczema and food intolerances, and while improving or reversing Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction.

Autonomic dysfunctionā€™s most common symptoms result from unrepaired brain damage and intestinal distress. Once I understood the causes of autonomic dysfunction, I unknowingly started down the path that would lead me to a treatment for autism.

Educational Tips

This short series was created to give you insights about the relationship between autism and autonomic dysfunction and is a sneak-peek into TheĀ Nemechek Protocolā„¢ For Autism and Developmental Disorders.

Autism is brain inflammation plus excess propionic acid from intestinal bacteria.

Treating autism as an intestinal disorder that results in developmental delay, cumulative brain injury and Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction opens a completely new treatment approach toward the actual physical problems underlying this condition.

Autism results from the neuro-anatomical combination of propionic acid toxicity (from intestinal bacterial overgrowth), plus developmental delay (ineffective synaptic pruning and synaptogenesis from abnormal microglial functionality), and the inability to repair common brain injuries (cumulative brain injury).

The damage from pro-inflammatory cytokines results in decreased Sympathetic and Parasympathetic function of the Autonomic Nervous System.

The autonomics are how the brain commands and communicates with the bodyā€™s cells, organs, hormone and immune system regulations. Of significant importance for autism is the role Autonomicā€™s play in inflammation control, cellular repair, movement of the digestive tract, and the delivery of oxygen and blood pressure to the brain.

Childhood digestive distress may also be from the brainā€™s inability through the Autonomic Nervous System to exert neurological control over the movement of the digestive tract. When the digestive tract moves too slow a child has constipation, for example.

Unresolved autonomic dysfunction may also allow the upward migration of colonic bacteria into the small intestine (bacterial overgrowth) that results in food or gluten intolerance, eczema, recurrent strep and bladder infections, and anxiety. Bacterial overgrowth leads to excessive production of propionic acid, impairs the natural brain repair process (ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, fidgety, insomnia, toe-walking) and can directly alter brain function (anxiety, lightheadedness, reflux, constipation, abdominal pain, headaches, fidgety, hiccups, stuttering, dyslexia, food cravings).

Advances in technology have allowed me to test and treat Autonomic Nervous System dysfunction for the past 11 years.Ā  I have invented a multi-faceted science-based treatment program that merges advanced brain technology with traditional medicines, core nutrients, and bioelectric neuromodulation of the Vagus nerve to heal innate repair mechanisms and encourage natural brain and body function and development.


Just like adults with autonomic dysfunction, The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ for Autism (a component of The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ medical consultation and treatment services, Patent Pending), improves microglia function, reduces cytokines, lowers inflammation, lowers propionic acid, and can improve many key symptoms associated with autism.

The scientific and medical explanation of how The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ for Autism works is that it suppressed the production of propionic acid and stimulates a childā€™s natural neuronal pruning and brain repair mechanisms.Ā  I work to address the mechanical, bacterial, and neuronal issues that are preventing the childā€™s brain from proper development or full recovery.

Brain, intestinal, and autonomic improvement are long term recovery processes that can finally begin when inflammation and propionic acid are sufficiently controlled.

Much can be done with simple and inexpensive nutrients that are available all over the world.Ā The Nemechek Protocolā„¢ For Autism and Developmental Disorders is now available at our book store.


Dr. Nemechek is a classically trained internist who is often able to quickly zero in on the cause of your symptoms though a simple question-answer session ā€“ a skill that is missing from modern medicine.

Educational Video Visits let people discuss with Dr. Nemechek about his protocol in detail. Only in-office appointments with Dr. Nemechek allow you to receive the full medical benefit of The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® medical consultation and treatment services.Ā 

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