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Autonomic Dysfunction causes frequent headaches or migraines that ruin your daily enjoyment of life and productivity, prevents you from keeping up with your kids or spouse, and make you unable to work effectively.  Headaches or migraines from Autonomic Dysfunction may also leave you lightheaded or dizzy, cause mild cognitive problems (ADD, brain fog, poor focus or memory), and feel tingling or numbness in your feet, legs, hands, face, and neck.

Is Autonomic Dysfunction the source of your headaches or migraines? Take the quiz and find out.

Are you looking for answers?

Do you have Autonomic symptoms or been diagnosed with an Autonomic disorder but have no treatment plan to restore your health? Have you been searching for answers about your health, searching for a doctor and a plan that works?

Do you feel like you are out of options?

Have you tried traditional medicine or natural remedies but run out of options to improve your health or Autonomic Dysfunction symptoms? Is your health getting worse, or been told there is nothing else that can help you, and you do not know what to do?

Do you prefer natural remedies?

Are you naturally minded, looking for relief from the symptoms of Autonomic Dysfunction (heartburn, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, chronic hunger, poor sleep)? Do you dislike or distrust pharmaceuticals and doctors but natural remedies are not fully healing your body or mind?

Are you still looking for a diagnosis?

Do you have multiple symptoms or medicines, but no real answer to resolve your underlying health problems? Are you confused or frustrated because no one can make sense of your symptoms and the decline in your health?

The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment services constitue a brain and body recovery program that reverses the underlying cause of Autonomic Dysfunction

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Repairs and stabilizes Autonomic functioning by recreating the healthy environment that is mandatory for the brain to make stem cells and repair itself.

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Reverses Autonomic Dysfunction by treating intestinal bacterial overgrowths or underlying infections, with simultaneous core changes in nutrition.

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Restores proper microglia function (white blood cells) and restores the brain’s control over inflammation with bioelectric transcutaneous stimulation of the Autonomic Vagus nerve.

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Provides long term structure for maintaining renewed health, continued cellular and organ repair, decreased overnutrition, and the ability to recover from new Autonomic injuries.

The answers to frequent headaches or migraines are found deep in the Autonomic Nervous System.  Autonomic dysfunction prevents the brain from getting perfect oxygen and blood flow leaving us feeling prone to headaches or other neurological symptoms.  In addition, our food supply is deficient in a few core nutrients that we need for proper function which compounds our headaches.

The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment service uses technology to pinpoint nervous system damage, medicine to eliminate underlying infections and heal unresolved trauma, and science to restore the brain’s natural chemical environment and encourage stem cell production.  The protocol is a simple, safe, and effective way that allows your brain to heal itself.


Because your brain controls your body through the Autonomic Nervous System, reversing Autonomic Dysfunction restores the brain’s ability to correctly run and repair the body.

How It Works

The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment service is a science-based medical approach to lower inflammation, promote stem cell growth, and recreate the natural chemical environment that our brains need to correctly control our cells, organs, and body. When the Autonomics function correctly our brain can once again handle stress, inflammation, and disease from the cellular level up and throughout the entire body. Because the failure of our body begins as failure in our brain, we must use medicine, science, and nature to restore normal body function and normal aging.

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Why It Works

The field of Autonomics is science-based and evidence driven. The underlying reasons why we get frequent headaches and migraines are due to our brains and bodies no longer working together correctly. The brain is unable to receive adequate blood and oxygen due to Autonomic Dysfunction.

The first step is to identify Autonomic dysfunction through Autonomic spectral analysis, a non-invasive test that is a biomarker for your brain’s ability to control the body and quantifies the imbalance and tone of both the Sympathetic (“fight or flight”) and Parasympathetic (“rest and digest”) brain commands.  Imbedded in those signals are the Autonomics that malfunction after injury, trauma, illness, medicines, vaccines, or childbirth. The second step to pinpoint Autonomic Dysfunction is to determine whether an overgrowth of intestinal bacteria called SIBO is creating secondary Autonomic problems such as intestinal distress (gluten or food intolerance), preventing concussion recovery, triggering skin problems (eczema, rosacea), causing periodontal gum disease, recurrent UTI or strep infections, Autism (propionic acid toxicity), or psychiatric symptoms (anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, depression). The third step is to implement The Nemechek Protocol’s short and long-term treatment plan for recovery, maintenance, and advanced care. For most adults, the treatment involves short term medications, the lowering of metabolic inflammation, the lowering of and neuroinflammation including bioelectric stimulation (via the Vagus nerve), the elimination of underlying bacterial infections or unresolved concussion damage, core brain nutrients to mimic the historical foods that kept our brains and nervous systems strong, and chemically cleaner food to maintain recovery and resist relapse or recover from new Autonomic injuries.

Autonomic Dysfunction may be accelerated in Diabetes up to two decades earlier than people that same age who do not have Diabetes.

Parasympathetic Autonomic Dysfunction Dysregulation of normal inflammation control = Autonomic Dysfunction

Difficult to control blood pressure = Parasympathetic Autonomic Dysfunction High blood pressure readings without independently confirmed hypertension = poor cerebral blood oxygen against gravity from Autonomic Dysfunction Passing out or fainting, especially when hot = poor cerebral blood oxygen against gravity from Autonomic Dysfunction PMS = poor cerebral blood oxygen against gravity from Autonomic Dysfunction

ADD, Brain Fog = poor cerebral blood oxygen against gravity from Autonomic Dysfunction Migraines and headaches = poor cerebral blood oxygen against gravity from Autonomic Dysfunction Dizzy or lightheaded, often when standing up or sitting up = Orthostatic Hypotension Tingling in hands, feet, face, and neck = poor cerebral blood oxygen against gravity from Autonomic Dysfunction Numbness in legs, feet, arms, hands = Autonomic Neuropathy Many types of seizures = Autonomic dysfunction with SIBO Constant foot tappers and leg bouncers = poor cerebra