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Dr. Nemechek is Awarded U.S. Patent for The Nemechek ProtocolĀ®

Dr. Nemechek is Awarded U.S. Patent for The Nemechek ProtocolĀ®
November 24, 2019 Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

On July 2nd, 2019 Dr. Nemechek was granted U.S. Patent No. 10,335,396 for “Methods of Reversing Autonomic Nervous System Damage”.

The patent application was submitted October 2016 and outlines the specific elements of The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® as well as additional therapeutic variations.

The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® is able to achieve significant reductions in systemic and central nervous system inflammatory stress which in turn activates natural repair and rejuvenation mechanisms.Ā  Activation of these mechanisms is what accounts for the dramatic recoveries being reported with The Nemechek ProtocolĀ®.

Dr. Nemechek is considering applying for patent protection forĀ  additional therapeutic advances as well as new techniques involved in the monitoring of systemic inflammation and autonomic recovery.

Dr. Nemechek is an internal medicine physician located in the greater Phoenix, Arizona area.

For more information on the Autonomic Nervous System you can read some of his numerous blog posts on his website. Those seeking an appointment with Dr. Nemechek may submit a request for a consultationĀ on his website.

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