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Autonomic Recovery


The Impossible is Now a Reality.

Do you suffer from fatigue, headaches, heartburn, dizziness or lightheadedness, or hunger? Does your brain, heart, GI tract, or body no longer feels like it works right?

The answers for these problems are often found in the dysfunction of our Autonomic Nervous System. A variety of symptoms, and then diseases, begin when our brain is silently injured and does not fully recover. The failure of our brains is what sets into motion the failure of our bodies.

The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment services are ground-breaking in helping reverse metabolic inflammation that leads to the restoration of Autonomic function decades after the injury. Reversing inflammation is the first step towards reversing the foundation of many common diseases.

I am Dr. Patrick M. Nemechek, D.O., an internal medicine doctor from UCLA with 30 years of clinical and research experience, and I reverse disease.

I am a traditional medical doctor and a scientist-physician who uses medicine, science, and nature to restore normal body function and normal aging.

I merge advanced brain technology with traditional medicines, core nutrients, and bioelectric neuromodulation of the VagusĀ Nerve to heal your innate repair mechanisms. My program, The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment services (Patent Pending), is a science-based medical approach to lower inflammation, to promote stem cell growth, and to recreate the natural chemical environment that our brains need to correctly control our cells, organs, and body. These restore your natural abilities to heal yourself.


What makes me unique as a doctor is that I understand the big picture where others have become lost:

The majority of modern diseases are just symptoms of the bigger problem of metabolic inflammation. Fortunately, metabolic inflammation is a reversible cellular and chemical process which means you may improve your health and change your medical destiny.

The foundation of The Nemechek Protocol is clear: we must fix the brain, to fix the body.

The Autonomics are important to your health because the nerves within the Autonomics are the brainā€™s master control mechanism for the entire body. The Autonomics are not a new field of medicine and research on them has gone on for decades. But until recently Autonomics were only explored in research studies and labs, fascinating to watch but not practical to use to fight common or complex illnesses. Recent advances in technology now allow testing in an office setting that measures both branches of the AutonomicĀ Nervous System.

I have performed Autonomic testing for over ten years and I have followed the latest science to create my groundbreaking medical practice and a safe and effective treatment plan. The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment services is a whole-body approach to restoring the Autonomic Nervous System function, reduce inflammation, ignite progenitor stem cell production, and reactivate your own natural repair mechanisms. Autonomic treatment works and is effective because once you understand the underlying dysfunction, you can use the science to guide the medicine and the bodiesā€™ natural repair needs.

When our Autonomics recover, our brains can once again handle stress, inflammation, and disease from the cellular level up and throughout the entire body.

I have achieved Autonomic reversal or repair in patients even in the advanced stages of dysfunction without long term medications which is groundbreaking in this field of medicine. The key to disease reversal is that our Autonomics are natural, mechanical, and chemical systems capable of repair at all ages and stages of life.

Treatment of the Autonomics is used to halt the early symptoms of disease (heartburn, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, intestinal distress), to reverse chronic disease states and chronic pain, to reduce the hunger that drives obesity, and to heal brain injury (physical, emotional, metabolic, inflammatory, pregnancy). Reversal of Autonomic Dysfunction is important in managing diabetes, autism, high blood pressure, chronic headaches, depression, PTSD, anxiety as well as neurodegenerative disorders (Alzheimerā€™s, Parkinsonā€™s, ALS, essential tremor, macular degeneration).

Autonomic Medicine involves reversing the cellular processes that made you sick.

Nemechek Autonomic Medicine Recovery Feat Synapse

The disease process starts when our brain, through the Autonomics, can no longer control our cells, organs, inflammation, and body.

There are two main branches of the Autonomics, the Sympathetic branch (ā€œfight or flightā€) and the Parasympathetic branch (ā€œrest and digestā€) which counter-balance each other. The brain listens and commands these two Autonomic branches through the Vagus nerve.

Proper Autonomic function is necessary for our brains to think without headaches or dizziness, to correctly run our blood pressure and our hearts, to move our digestive tract, and to go to the bathroom. Proper Autonomic function gives us restorative sleep, normal sexual function, control over pain and inflammation, and recovery from physical and emotional injuries and trauma. Autonomic Dysfunction may have external signs like varicose veins, or have internal signs of accelerated aging (a diabeticā€™s Autonomic function may decline up to two decades prematurely).

People find the field of Autonomic Medicine through symptom-based searches, especially when their current doctors have been unable to stop their growing list of health problems, diseases, or physical and mental deterioration. Ā Other people receive an Autonomic Dysfunction (also called ā€œDysautonomiaā€) diagnosis but are given no real recovery plan.

The Nemechek Protocol™ medical consultation and treatment service is a recovery plan that suppresses metabolic inflammation and restores Autonomic Nervous System function.

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