The Nemechek Protocol for Autism


The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® for Autism and Developmental Disorders, 2nd Ed.

The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® for Autism and Developmental Disorders outlines Dr. Patrick M. Nemechekā€™s clear and concise description about the present scientific basis for autism and many childhood developmental disorders.

His unique but simple treatment is the most talked about approach for autism and developmental disorders of the last decade. The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® finally offers hope that children around the world afflicted with these conditions may begin on the path of neurological development and recovery.

ā€œThe book is amazing! Everyone who is reading it loves it! It answers so many questions, and makes so much sense!ā€

A mother with an autistic 7-year-old child


A Look Inside


The following testimonials are from parents commenting about the effectiveness of
The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® for Autism and Developmental Disorders.

7-Year-Old Nonverbal Daughter Begins Speaking

ā€œBeen on protocol for about a month and a half with our 7 yr nonverbal daughter. We started a week or two after school went on summer break. Daughter went back for summer session last week.

Her teachers (same ones for last 3 years) today told me they couldnā€™t believe how much she was babbling and saying now. Teacher said she was saying every word out of a picture book and multiple syllables.

Weā€™ve been anxious to see if they would notice any changes. This morning (5am) she was trying to pull me out of bed and said ā€œDaddyā€ā€¦ā€upā€ā€¦and then ā€œnoā€ when I tried to go back to sleep.

She accidentally spit out some water out this evening and then came to us and said ā€œbucketā€ā€¦.What we get for the kids when they are pukingā€¦.but its been months since weā€™ve needed one!ā€

5-Year-Old Boy with Severe ASD

ā€œNew words this weekend: ā€œduckā€ ā€œcotton ballā€ ā€œno runningā€ ā€œwake upā€ ā€œwant donut nowā€ He also had a burst of awareness. Dad and older brother were talking about Easter Bunny and my son almost 5 with severe ASD ran and got an Easter bunny stuffed animal out of the toy bin.

He did the same when they were talking about a snowman, he ran and got an Olaf stuffy we have. Iā€™m really glad for these clear gains because the behaviors have been off the hook! So bad that I was considering stopping, so Iā€™m very happy.ā€

9-Year-Old HF ASD, ADHD, ODD, SPD Boy Finally Playing with His Toys

OMG!!! My 9 year old HF ASD, ADHD, ODD, SPD is playing happily in his room for past half hour while I cook dinner in the kitchen!!!!

This is a bloody miracle! For 9 years I have had to shadow this child AND heā€™s rarely ever played with toys. Normally only if we have a visitor to look at them with him.

Aaaagghhhh I am seeing amazing daily gains.ā€

Fiber and My 17-Year-Old Daughter

ā€œI wanted to give you all a quick update. I started my daughter on the recommended fiber the very next day after I found this wonderful group which was about 4 days ago. She had a couple of days of constipation but that ended yesterday with (in her words) one big miraculous dump.

Last night, at age 17, my angel baby climbed into bed with me to cuddle her way through a panic attack. This is the same kid Iā€™ve always had to ask before touching.

This morning she came in my room cheerful and full of conversation. She said ā€ I feel good mom! Is it the fiber!?ā€ Iā€™m blown away at what that little gummy has done to change our lives.

I am so excited to keep moving forward. Thank you everyone for your help and support.ā€

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Dr. Patrick Nemechek

Dr. Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

My medical practice is based on groundbreaking, science-based, medicine.ā€‹

I understand that the failure of our bodies begins as unrepaired injury or damage in our brains. And because I understand the way our cells, brains and nervous system are supposed to function, I can work to restore the body to equilibrium, thereby ending symptoms and maximizing health. Stem cell regeneration, stimulating the bodiesā€™ natural defenses, and rebalancing the intestinal tract and nervous system can reverse many disease processes and put metabolic inflammation into remission.

Dr. Nemechek is a classically trained internist who is often able to quickly zero in on the cause of your symptoms though a simple question-answer session ā€“ a skill that is missing from modern medicine.

Skype conferences (limited only to those living outside the U.S.) let people discuss with Dr. Nemechek about his protocol in detail.Ā Only in-office appointments with Dr. Nemechek allow you to receive the full medical benefit of The Nemechek ProtocolĀ® medical consultation and treatment services.Ā 

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