Headaches? Maybe you need more Oxygen!

 Headache viseDo You Have Chronic Headaches?

Recurring headaches may hit us at certain times of the day (mid-morning or afternoon), when you sit still, after a meal, or for women at certain times of the month (PMS).

We now know that many headaches are caused by low blood pressure and oxygen delivery to your brain.  We can measure and repair this process to greatly improve how you and your kids feel every day.

Many people, young and old, have trouble properly regulating blood pressure upward to their brain. Conditions such as abnormal intestinal bacteria, concussions, extreme emotional stress, and pregnancy can all disrupt the normal delivery of oxygen to your brain.

Your brain needs a certain amount of blood flow and oxygen to run efficiently and for us to feel healthy, and if that mechanism is damaged your brain knows other ways to generate the pressure that it needs.

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Headaches and Oxygen

Your brain boosts oxygen delivery by demanding certain types of foods (sugar, carbs, and salt) or by constant movement (exercise or fidgeting).   Your brain takes control over your body and willpower.

This is why some people on a diet can’t stop their mid-afternoon snacks (chips and soda), why some kids can’t sit still or focus in class, and why some people exercise multiple times a day just to think clearly or stay awake.  These are not low blood sugar issues, these are low blood pressure problems.

Brain oxygen delivery is controlled by the Autonomic Nervous System (“ANS”). When the ANS no longer works correctly you might feel dizzy, your heart might race, or you might feel a head rush when you stand up and all of those feelings can be triggered by lack of oxygen to your brain.

If your low oxygen levels continue, you may get neck and shoulder stiffness and pain.  You may also get a headache from a lack of oxygen to those muscles.

We often manage our headaches with medication or food, but those do not reverse the underlying blood pressure and oxygen problem.  Chronic use of pain relievers or prescription medication may have dangerous side effects.

Chronic overeating from this false “hunger”, which is not the need for nutrients but is the need for more oxygen, contributes to many diseases and obesity.

If you also suffer from fatigue and lightheadedness read more about what may be causing your underlying condition.

Children and Headaches

Headaches from poor oxygen regulation can make a child feel miserable and affect their behavior.  These children are in pain, are unable to sit still in class or focus on their lessons, and often experience emotional outbursts.

If your child has headaches or attention problems like ADD or ADHD, be aware that low brain oxygen levels might be causing these symptoms.


Prevention and Recovery

The great news is that the health of the Autonomic Nervous System is something that can be easily and painlessly measured, and with the correct treatment plan it can be repaired.

Short term medication might be needed to normalize brain functioning, but many people can improve their headaches through dietary and lifestyle changes.

Patient’s often feel better within a few weeks and their ANS functions normally again without medications in only 6-12 months.


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rollande nolet
rollande nolet
February 26, 2017 6:48 pm

what medication help lack of oxgen to the brain

Patrick Nemechek, D.O.
Patrick Nemechek, D.O.
February 26, 2017 7:08 pm
Reply to  rollande nolet

The ultimate treatment is restoring autonomic function but things such as salt, chugging 18 oz of water and some prescription medications such as midodrine will help boost blood pressure and oxygen delivery to the brain.

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