Measles Vaccine & Gut Bacteria, a Different Perspective.

VaccineTo grapple with the issue of whether to vaccinate your child, you should consider 3 things: (1) the need for vaccination, (2) the fear that children may change after a vaccine, and (3) the new explanation that the alteration of the childā€™s intestinal bacteria, not the vaccine, is the real problem.

Todayā€™s youth have grown up safe. In the decades prior to widespread vaccinations, infections by viruses (measles, mumps, rubella, polio) were major sources of death and neurological damage (paralysis, retardation) during childhood.

It was common to have a child die from an infection in your extended family. I encourage people to ask their grandparents or someone older than 80 about their siblings or friends that died while young.

Sadly there is no antibiotic treatment for the childhood viral infections we vaccinate against, and many infections take a more virulent form if they occur in adults without previous vaccination.

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I witnessed an unvaccinated 32-year-old man die of one of these infections in spite of all the technical ability of UCLA medical center. If we donā€™t vaccinate we canā€™t protect ourselves from death once a childhood viral infection strikes.

Why are some people so afraid of vaccinations? It is because parents have witnessed their children shortly after vaccination slip away into an Autistic state, never to be the same again.Ā Ā  That is true.

But it is also true that the vaccines have been proven not to be directly responsible.Ā Ā  Something else explains what these parents witnessed. It is the disruption of the intestinal bacteria.

There is accumulating evidence that Autism is due to the excessive production of propionic acid from an abnormal growth of bacteria within the small intestine, a condition referred to as SIBO. If we can suppress these bacteria, then the propionic acid levels are reduced and the symptoms of Autism greatly improve.

I have seen a number of patients who had minor symptoms of SIBO (heartburn, food intolerance, mild eczema) spin out of control with a few days of a vaccination. They suddenly develop severe diarrhea, psoriasis, joint pain, or night sweats.

If a child has a mild case of SIBO, with a blend of bacteria capable of producing large amounts of propionic if given an opportunity, I can see how vaccinations spin the bacteria further out of control.Ā Ā  It may explain the trigger and avalanche of Autism.

We need to pay more attention during the early childhood years to insure a healthier balance of intestinal bacteria through a more limited use of antibiotics, stabilization of current bacteria with prebiotic fibers, and when necessary the use of special antibiotics to reset and normalize intestinal balance.

We all want healthy children. And if we work together towards maintaining proper intestinal health, vaccinations should have a fairly lower risk of triggering problems.

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