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Diarrhea can cause bloating and severe abdominal pain but can be treated with a healthy diet and over the counter medication.

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  • Gluten Intolerance is All in Your Head (i.e., Brain)

    For many of us, gluten intolerance is ā€œall in our headā€.Ā  The key to the problem is silent Autonomic Nervous…

  • Breakfast is Not Your Friend

    Fasting and the Elimination of Breakfast Breakfast is often referred to as the ā€œmost important meal of the dayā€.Ā  But…

  • Suffer from Intestinal or Digestive Distress ?

      Do you have intestinal distress (constipation, diarrhea, frequent urination), excessive bloating or cramping after meals, food intolerance, anxiety, skin…

  • Measles Vaccine & Gut Bacteria, a Different Perspective.

    To grapple with the issue of whether to vaccinate your child, you should consider 3 things: (1) the need for…


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