Autonomic recovery begins by lowering inflammation in the body and the brain, encouraging self-production of progenitor stem cells.

Varicose Veins and Erectile Dysfunction

As different as they sound, the development of varicose veins (men and women) and erectile dysfunction (ā€œE.D.ā€ in men) are often of the same origin. Having one or both of those issues may signal underlying nervous system damage caused by metabolic inflammation. Fortunately, nonsurgical, non-pharmaceutical answers may help both of

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Lightheadedness, Headaches and Fatigue

Recurrent or Chronic Headaches and Fatigue Many patients with symptoms of lightheadedness, recurrent or chronic headaches, or chronic fatigue are often suffering from inadequate blood flow to the brain and scalp muscles that results in inadequate oxygen levels in neurons and scalp muscle, respectively.Ā  Many of these patients have been

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PANS, PANDAS, and Autism: Different Faces of the Same Disorder

The last few decades have seen an alarming increase in acquired neurological disorders among children.Ā  Children increasingly develop conditions such as autism, developmental delay, sensory problems, emotional disorders, attention disorders (ADD/ADHD), post-concussion syndrome, tics, Touretteā€™s syndrome, PANS, and PANDAS.Ā  Hereā€™s what you need to know about PANS, PANDAS, and Autism.

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The Magical Health Qualities of Olive Oil

Did you know you can consume one food daily with cardioprotective, anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, weight control, and anti-aging characteristics, which also fight food-borne inflammation? As an internal medicine physician, I recommend the daily consumption of extra virgin olive oil as a core component of a healthy, low-inflammation lifestyle. Olive oil is

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Phenols: How Much of a Good Thing?

Olive oil is the most important aspect of the Mediterranean diet. It contains phenols, oleic acid, and Vitamin E that help protect and improve the health of humans who consume olive oil regularly.Ā  The consumption of omega-3 fatty acids from food and fish also contributes to the positive benefits of

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Where Does Cancer Come From?

People diagnosed with cancer naturally search for explanations for its origin and wonder how cancer might have been prevented.Ā  The truth is that most cancers originate naturally within the human body from the moment of birth and continue throughout life. Studies looking for cancer in specific organs after people die

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The Depression and Suicide Epidemic

Reading about the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain might surprise many because of the stereotypes associated with suicide, such as social isolation, financial problems, or a relationship crisis. The truth is these suicides occurred because the U.S. is experiencing an epidemic of chronic depression.Ā  Without depression or other

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Concussions and Constipation

Constipation is one of the most common ailments experienced by individuals, both young and old. The excessive retention of stool can be extremely uncomfortable, and a wide variety of remedies deal with the discomfort of poor elimination. Many people consume more fiber or prunes, drink more water, or take a

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Overnutrition and Neurodegenerative Diseases

Overnutrition is a term that refers to how excessive nutrients can damage the human body. The modern diet has become a common source of excessive nutrients and increases dangerous levels of systemic inflammation within the body.Ā  The stress from the inflammation will activate the genes within our DNA and trigger

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Transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation holds potential to suppress COVID-19 cytokine stormĀ 

Dr. Nemechek has published another peer-reviewed article discussing the potential of vagus nerve stimulation as treatment for active COVID-19 infection. Here is the abstract (summary) of the article: Coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) continues to exert mortality worldwide largely due to a lack of treatment options to prevent or ameliorate advanced

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Read Dr. Nemechek’s Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Article on COVID-19

Read this short communication piece I wrote that was just published in the Journal of Emerging Diseases and Virology. Vagus nerve stimulation holds the potential to suppress the dangerous inflammatory surge (“cytokine storm”) believed to contribute to the lethality of COVID-19 infection. Five minutes of transcutaneous VNS can substantially suppress

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