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Vagus Nerve

  • Transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulation holds potential to suppress COVID-19 cytokine stormĀ 

    Dr. Nemechek has published another peer-reviewed article discussing the potential of vagus nerve stimulation as treatment for active COVID-19 infection.…

  • Read Dr. Nemechek’s Most Recent Peer-Reviewed Article on COVID-19

    Read this short communication piece I wrote that was just published in the Journal of Emerging Diseases and Virology. Vagus…

  • Using VNS to Improve COVID-19 Outcomes

  • Vagus Nerve Stimulation to Control COVID-19 Inflammation

    This is a video I put together that reviews the cytokine storm associated with the severe cases of respiratory failure…

  • Your Immune System and Limiting Your Risk to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Because of my experience, frankness, and extensive history researching and treating individuals with HIV infection, I have been asked by…

  • There is No Single Best Diet for Everyone

    It is generally accepted science that over the last several thousand years, humans thrived equally well on diets ranging from…

  • Strokes, Inflammatory Concussions, and Vagus Nerve Stimulation

    The sudden lack of blood flow to a region of the brain that results in damage to brain tissue is…

  • Learn About The Nemechek Protocol in Less Than 2 Minutes!

  • Nighttime Potty

    Many patients I see have difficulty sleeping because they have to go to the bathroom multiple times during the night.…

  • Inflamm-Aging

    Aging is associated with low-grade chronic inflammatory state referred to “inflamm-ageing” or inflammaging.   Inflammaging is abnormal and unhealthy. It…


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