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Read about the different types of Anxiety Disorders, the causes, treatments and how you can effectively learn to control it.

  • Intense Stress Can Damage the Heart

    There is growing scientific evidence that a stressful emotional or physical event can damage how the heart functions and can…

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  • The Depression and Suicide Epidemic

    Reading about the suicides of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain might surprise many because of the stereo-types associated with suicide…

  • Coat Hanger Neck Pain

    Many individuals with chronic or intermittent neck tightness and pain are misdiagnosed.   They are told their vertebrae are out…

  • Five Sources of Anxiety

    Ever feel anxious but do not know why? A hormone called noradrenaline causes nervousness, a rapid heart rate, a sense…

  • Brain Fog

    Do you occasionally have ā€œbrain fogā€?Ā  There are ways to reverse it without medication. Brain fog is a term used…

  • Dizzy

    Ā Many people have felt an uneasy sensation in their head and they describe it as feeling dizzy. But dizziness is…

  • Gluten Intolerance is All in Your Head (i.e., Brain)

    For many of us, gluten intolerance is ā€œall in our headā€.Ā  The key to the problem is silent Autonomic Nervous…

  • Menopause is Permanent PMS

    Some women suffer for decades after menopause. But what if we approach it like a traumatic brain injury or a…

  • Suffer from Intestinal or Digestive Distress ?

      Do you have intestinal distress (constipation, diarrhea, frequent urination), excessive bloating or cramping after meals, food intolerance, anxiety, skin…

  • Which Happens First? ….. Bad Thyroid or Bad Bacteria?

    Why do so many women have thyroid problems? Surprisingly, it looks like thyroid problems are closely tied to an overgrowth…

  • Broken Mommies

    The Autonomic Nervous System of many women breaks during pregnancy and if left untreated the damage may linger for a…


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