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Proper daily Exercise can help keep your Autonomic Nervous System running smoothly and optimize your health while reducing the chances of injury.

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  • Reverse Osteoporosis with Fish Oil and Exercise

    A recent study demonstrated that fish oil supplementation (equal to about 3,000 mg twice daily of a standard fish oil…

  • More Confusion: Is Red Meat Really That Bad?

    Too Much Advice I was asked recently about the repeated news from Harvard’s Public Health Department that eating red meat,…

  • Carbs, Sport Drinks and Exercise

    Many people drink sports drinks before or after exercising.  These often contain a lot of carbohydrates (Gatorade = 30 grams, Powerade = 25 grams) which…

  • Reduce Carbohydrates to Reduce Obesity

    Reduce Carbohydrates to Reduce Obesity – Obesity Simplified. Obesity is caused from excessive fat cell growth triggered by high insulin…

  • No Health Benefits From Eating 5 Times A Day

     The Myth Almost everyday a patient tells me they believe eating 5 times a day is important. They remember hearing…

  • Decreased Weight = Decreased Insurance Costs

    Weight loss can significantly decrease your chances of developing diabetes, and also significantly decrease your health insurance premiums. One of…

  • I'm Healthy, Why Should I Lose the Weight?

    This argument is brought up more often than people realize.  If you feel you are at a healthy point in…

  • How To Prevent Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Attacks and Strokes

    In a recent study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine, researchers identified 4 factors tied to reduced disease risk:…

  • Lifestyle May Be a Reason to Being Overweight

    While obesity has become a prevalent issue in America, the many Americans that are obese may not realize how they…


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