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Patients begin a weight loss program with us and want to ramp up the exercise immediately.Ā  Although I think it great that a person is wanting to get fit, a sudden increase in exercise can actually have negative effects.Ā  It may stimulate a person’s appetite, they may injure themselves or exhaust themselves.Ā  Depending on your overall physical fitness, you may need to ease into exercise.

1. If you are used to a sedentary lifestyle, start at a level that you can easily perform.

2. If you areĀ performing more exerciseĀ than before, you are still on the path to improve your fitness and health.

3. Build up your workouts week after week, increase either the intensity or the duration of time.

4. Remember, if you areĀ more hungry than usual or lightheadedĀ during or after exercise, then back off a littleĀ and you may need toĀ report to your physician.

5. Donā€™t try to do too much. When starting out walking may be the best and safest wayĀ to burn fat.

6. Walking and other forms of exercise are alsoĀ great stress relievers. During the walk, work out your problems and calm down with the walk or run.

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Lap Band
Lap Band
November 12, 2009 2:07 am

Great blog and this information is very useful to everyone.

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