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I'm Healthy, Why Should I Lose the Weight?

I'm Healthy, Why Should I Lose the Weight?
February 23, 2010 Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

This argument is brought up more often than people realize.  If you feel you are at a healthy point in your life then weight loss is not the direction you should be headed.  But how can you get healthier?  How else can you prolong your life?  To what degree can you be healthy and live your life better?

When a person first comes in for weight loss I try to take the time to find out the real reasons for their want to lose weight.  Did their doctor recommend the weight loss?  For what reasons?  High cholesterol?  High blood pressure?  Or are there other reasons, such as the inner want to change? Losing weight can improve a person’s health not just physically, but mentally, emotionally, socially…the list is endless.

Instead of what weight do you want to be, ask what size you want to be.  Muscle mass may account for much of a slimmed down body, but a scale is unable to read the amount of muscle mass vs body fat.  Often times patient will exclaim that they’ve only shed a few pounds of weight, yet their clothes are falling off of them.  This is a good sign!

Often I have heard the question of: I am healthy, so why should I lose the weight?  Studies upon studies have shown the benefits, and we all know that diet and exercise are the great combination for prolonging your life.  Side stepping this point, how can you push yourself that extra step?  Ask yourself a few questions, what are the reasons you are dedicating to this lifestyle change of exercising more?

  • Do you want to keep up with your kids?
  • Wear that favorite pair of jeans that haven’t fit for over a year?
  • Walk up a flight of stairs without getting winded?
  • Run a 5k in a certain amount of time?
  • Fit in an airplane seat/sports car?
  • Can you develop your own reason to be healthier?

Recently I heard a quote from a friend of mine who said, “Exercise is a tool of choice, rather than a painful enemy.”  The type of exercise may be more grueling to some than others, but using the tool can place you in the direction of your desired health.

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