Jumping on the Exercise Bandwagon

The jump to starting exercise may be easier than most think, but usually the hardest part is jumping off the couch potato train.¬† Most individuals don’t even think of themselves as¬†couch potatoes, as they are¬†busy with a pressing schedule of a building a career, raising a family, and having an active social life.¬† Getting started […]

Jumping on the Exercise Bandwagon

Why Do We Crave Carbohydrates And How To Control It At A Party

Many of my patients who are working on the carbohydrate restriction to improve their blood pressure, blood sugars, triglycerdies and weight often tell me that if they “fall of the wagon” and start eating high carbohydrates foods, they can’t seem to stop.¬† There are scientific reasons for this. Eating a diet high in carbohydrates results

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Low-Carb Gravy for Turkey Day

The holidays can be difficult for those that are taking the low carb approach.  Socially involved holidays can be an exception to enjoy your favorite foods.  The ham or turkey, green beans, and the acorn squash are the best options for a low calorie and low carb approach, but you can still enjoy your mashed potatoes and gravy on

Low-Carb Gravy for Turkey Day

Sausage and Herb Stuffing Recipe

With Thanksgiving only days away, recipe planning and grocery shopping is at its peak.  Before you head out this week with your grocery list, see if you can stock up on low carb alternatives to your favorite Thanksgiving dishes.  A low carb plate alternative to a traditional plate can still be satisfying, such as stuffing, cranberry relish,

Sausage and Herb Stuffing Recipe

Calories in Thanksgiving Meal

The holidays are meant for family and friends to be together.  For people trying to lose weight, a worry of the holidays is the Thanksgiving meal.  I’ve outlined the calories of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Keep in mind, this breakdown does not include going up for second servings. Thanksgiving Meal: Food                                  Amt     Cal     Fat    Carb   Sugar    Protein Turkey breast                             6

Calories in Thanksgiving Meal

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