Do You Feel Pressured To Eat Food You Don't Want At A Party?

Many of us have been in the circumstance where someone is pressing us to eat something we would rather not eat.  We can be put on the spot to eat something (especially unhealthy high carbohydrate snacks) that we know we’d rather avoid, but the pressure can cause us to give in rather than being rude.

We’ve all heard, “Have some dessert, I made it myself” or “Come on, it’s so-and-so’s birthday, have a piece of cake” and finally, “A little bit won’t hurt”.  Fortunately this issue has been studied by psychologists who have determined 2 important points about the the pressure a host can unintentionally put on their guests to eat at a party.

The first point to remember is that the host seems to only remember who refused something to eat. And secondly, the host won’t remember if someone ate the food or not.

So if you want to limit your carbohydrate intake during this holiday season but not be rude to the host, simply accept the food item they are pressing you to eat and then casually throw it away or abandon it on the mantle or somewhere. By doing so, the host doesn’t feel offended, you don’t feel rude and you’ve been able to keep better control over the carbohydrates you’ve taken in during these holiday parties.

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