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Important Weight Loss Tips

Important Weight Loss Tips – Weight loss can significantly decrease your chances of developing diabetes, and also significantly decrease your health insurance premiums.

  • Are You Too Hungry?

    Too many people are too hungry, and the result is a dangerous process called overnutrition. Overnutrition doesnā€™t mean just too…

  • Put Diabetes In Remission

    As we have all heard, more and more Americans are becoming obese which in turn is leading to increasing rates…

  • Shape Shifting

    One of the most intriguing aspects about reducing your carbohydrate intake is the surprising sculpting effect it has on your…

  • How to Start Your Low Carb Diet

    The approach taken on this blog is not the Adkinā€™s diet.Ā  Completely eliminating carbohydrates is not the intention, but more…

  • Pavlov and Artificial Sweeteners

    One of the most well established concepts in psychology is that animals (including humans) learn about relationships among the events…

  • Why Eating Slowly Helps Decrease Your Weight

    Try eating more slowly if you’re looking to shed some pounds. Ā  When you eat too fast you can outpace…

  • Body Sculpting With Low Carb/High Protein Diets

    One of the more intriguing health benefits I’ve observed in my patients from decreasing carbohydrate intake (to 25-30% of daily…

  • You Really Don’t Need A Snack To Reduce Your Afternoon Hunger

    About 80% of my weight loss patients have a similar complaint, they feel a sense of hunger in the afternoon…

  • How Fast Can I Expect To Lose Weight?

    Patients that I assist with weight loss are frequently disappointed that they may averaging only 1-2 pounds of decreased weight…

  • Why Weight Loss Slows Over Time

    As many of us have experienced, we can lose 6, 8 or 10 lbs within the first week of almost…


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