Tums, The Weight Loss Wonder Pill

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For every 100 calories difference in your diet, your weight will go up or down approximately 10 pounds in the course of 1 year.  If you think about it, that’s the rate at which many of us put on the weight in the course of a year.  Eating 100-200 calories per day is equal in calories to about 1 snack per day!

So here is a great secret to lose a few pounds or if you’ve already lost it, to avoid putting it back on.  The answer is Tums!

Many of my patients complain of a grumbling or a sense of hunger in the mid-afternoon (sometimes after dinner or even in the middle of the night too).  Well, I’m here to tell you it has nothing to do with you ‘needing’ calories or food.  Your blood sugar isn’t dropping and you aren’t experiencing hypoglycemia.

What you are feeling is a build-up of stomach acid from the neurological problems being overweight causes. The acid builds up in your stomach and gives you a low-grade sense of nausea or gastritis. When you eat some food, your stomach is stimulated to empty, the acid is expelled and you feel better. The relief you experience from eating is from the excess acid in your stomach being emptied not because your blood sugar came back up to normal.

We were designed to be Stone Age humans who would go without food for extended periods of time.  Evolution has provided us with very sophisticated mechanisms to maintain our blood sugar without the constant need for food.  And considering that there are so many impoverished areas in the world today where people go without food, if we really needed to eat constantly to keep our blood sugar up, much of Africa would be in dire straits by tomorrow.

That being said, the grumbling in your stomach that you feel between meals is a build up of stomach acid.  What’s the solution?  Tums (or any other quick acting antacid).   Chewing on 1-2 Tums will neutralize the acid, stimulate emptying of the stomach and just as easily erase your sensation of hunger as you snacks use to do.

Remember, eating an extra only 100-200 calories per day translates into a 10-20 pound weight gain in a year.  That’s how most of us gain weight over time.  Tiny portions of food here and there that slowly put the pounds on.  So when you get the mid afternoon grumbles, put down those chips, pretzels or almonds and chew on a Tums.

Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

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