Reverse Disease and Restore Health

My job as a doctor is to reverse disease, not just cover it up. We have become too reliant on the quick fixes of pills, injections, and gadgets to manage the symptoms of our chronic health conditions.

Those quick fixes are not working out so well for us in the long run. Despite advanced technologies, adults are not living as long and the kids have become alarmingly sick.

I believe we have been looking at the disease process backwards. In order to get back on track we must stop focusing on the alleviation of symptoms, and get back to the elimination of the underlying factors that trigger a disease.

Consider that many of the diseases we suffer from today were relatively uncommon a hundred years ago. Our great grandparents did not deal with the diabetes, heart disease, obesity, sleep apnea and ADD/Autism that are now at epidemic levels.

The good news is that many of these chronic or degenerative diseases may be reversed with a different kind of treatment plan and by thinking “outside the box”.

Diabetes, for example, was managed before the invention of insulin with a low carbohydrate diet. My diabetic patients are surprised when they can come off their medicine and watch their numbers improve with basic low carbohydrate nutritional changes and a comprehensive metabolic plan. But most importantly, I repair the mechanisms which encourage disease.

I aggressively reduce metabolic inflammation and focus on the restoration of the vital Autonomic Nervous System (ANS). Inflammation and ANS Dysfunction drive many of our modern diseases, and we can hit a home run by fighting these mechanisms to dramatically improve health. In my opinion, covering up a symptom or stopping when a lab number is normal only on medication, does not count as “fixing” a problem.

What are the signs of ANS Dysfunction? They are the symptoms we have been misled to think are harmless only because they are so “common” such as heartburn, headaches, constipation, urinary frequency, sleep apnea, and chronic fatigue.

What is inflammation? It is a form of cellular stress that triggers the fundamental breakdown of cellular functioning leading to organ failure and disease.

Can we lower inflammation and do things to improve ANS Dysfunction? Yes, we do those things in my office every day.

You need to make sure your health providers are doing everything they can to reverse your diseases and restore your good health. If you have a diagnosis, you should also have a long term solution to fix it and get off all those pills, injections, and gadgets.

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