Vitamin C….Too Much Of A Good Thing

Have you ever browsed the grocery isles seen that a product is labeled to be high in vitamin C?

Generally it catches your eye and so you think it would be better for you, correct? However, this doesnā€™t necessarily mean you need to buy the product just because it is a ā€˜good sourceā€™ of vitamin C.

Vitamins are divided into two categories, insoluble and water soluble.Ā  Water soluble vitamins, such as Vitamin C, are directly absorbed in the blood stream.Ā  However, only a certain amount may be absorbed at a time, so any excess Vitamin C is excreted out at your next bathroom break. Ester-C and other pill packs have Vitamin CĀ but use other starches as fillers.Ā  There have been reported cases of individuals who frequently consumed high doses of Vitamin C pills that developed kidney stones from the starch that was consumed with the vitamin.

Very few individuals are deficient in vitamin C as it is readily available in a variety of foods and most fruits and vegetables.Ā  So donā€™t go out of your way to buy a product just because it is ā€˜loaded with 100%ā€™ of the daily Vitamin C.

And remember, the high sugar contents in many of the juice drinks “Fortified with Vitamin C” can easily offset the benefits of the Vitamin C in the drink.

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