How Pregnancy Changes a Woman’s Brain

How Pregnancy Changes a Woman’s Brain
February 19, 2012 Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

We know a lot about the links between a pregnant mother’s health, behavior, and moods and her baby’s cognitive and psychological development once it is born. But how does pregnancy change a mother’s brain? “Pregnancy is a critical period for central nervous system development in mothers,” says psychologist Laura M. Glynn of Chapman University. “Yet we know virtually nothing about it.”

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[Comment:  I frequently treat women who suffer a variety of autonomic disturbances that begin during or immediately after childbirth.  Lightheadedness and poor concentrations (“Mommy Brain”), heartburn, nausea, constipation, headaches, insomnia, weight gain and frequent urination are a common lasting legacy from pregnancy.

Fortunately, autonomic testing can identify underlying imbalances between sympathetic and parasympathetic autonomic function.  After treatment, most women remain symptom-free.]

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  1. David Baellow 5 years ago

    Dr. N,
    I was sorry that you closed your practice in KC. I started with a new doctor to treat my dibetes and control weight. Nice guy, but he put me throught a diabetes class where the instructors told me that low carb was dangerous and told me to eat at least 60 carbs per meal. I started gaining weight back and had gained about 17lbs before I started looking for a doctor that treated with a low carb diet. I finally found Dr. Mary Vernon in Lawrence, KS. She has put me back on a diet very similar to what I was doing with you, and I am aback to losing weight. My sugars are also doing much better, and I am taking less insulin. I’ve lost all but about 7 lbs that I had gained and am staying on the diet to get to a healthy weight…

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