Is There A Weight Loss Wonder Bread?


In terms of weight loss, breads are arguably one of the worst foods to be consuming.Ā  There are grocery aisles with thousands of bread loaves on the shelf, yet very few could even be charactarized as healthy.Ā  Many of them contain high amounts of sugars or high fructose corn syrup.Ā  There is a large misconception that 100% whole grain products are 100 times better than white bread.Ā  That may be true, but not having bread would be 1,000 times better for you in general.

Breads are not completely the enemy, but when your daily meals consist of oatmeal with a side of toast for breakfast, a meat and cheese sandwich with pretzels, and pasta with garlic bread for dinner, you are setting body up for a carbohydrate overload.Ā  Examine what you eat in a typical day.Ā  Are most meals based around protein or based around carbohydrates?

Be sure to understand the difference when reading your Nutrition Facts and ingredients list. “Whole Grain” typically means a product that has whole grain, whole wheat, or rye in the ingredients. “Refinded Grain” is labled as made with whole grain, made with whole wheat, cracked grain, seven bran, 12-bran, seven grain, 12 grain and hasĀ a largely reducedĀ amount of fiber in comparison to wholeĀ grain products.Ā Ā High fiber products are known to benefit health, typically contain anitoxidants and phytochemicals, which can fight off cancer and lead to overall improvement of health.

Bottom line, bread is a still a carbohydrate.Ā  Read the Nutrition Facts lable and you will see thatĀ  the number of grams of carbohydrates sometimes exceeds 40 g per serving.Ā  When a serving is only 1 slice of bread, your sandwich (2 slices a piece, or 80g carbs total)Ā just turned into a carbohydrate overload…and with a lot of unnecessary extra calories.Ā  While the fiber may satifsy your digestive tract, the high fructose corn syrup and other sugars added to the bread will prevent you from that experiencing full satiation.Ā  Protein is one of the best options for limited amount of calories and proteinĀ leaves the body satisfied.

One visual is to picture a serving size of steak, which is usually about the size of a human fist.Ā  One serving is usally enough for satiation of the stomach.Ā  However, when do we eat only a fist sized bowl of pasta?Ā  A typical bowl of pasta is usually double,Ā the size ofĀ two fists.Ā  Carbohydrates and protein are both 4 calories perĀ gram, so if a typical serving ofĀ carbohydrates is twice the size of a serving of protein, then we are eating twice the calories to feel full.

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August 12, 2011 2:29 pm

I’ve been experiencing with alot of low carb bread recipes I found online. Most of these recipes use gluten protein or carb quick . Seems obsurd since gluten isn’t so healthy and originates from a carb, I’m wondering your thoughts on this? I like the fact that it actually tastes like bread, and I don’t feel like I cut something out of my diet.

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