Get Out of the Carb Coma

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We apologize for the break in blog posts, but no matter how much of our own advice we try to follow, there are still multiple moments where foods consume our social lives during the holiday season and thus we end up in a carb coma.  We hope everyone had a great holiday for the month of December and that 2010 brings forth luck, happiness, and low carbohydrate recipes. If all else fails, check out the site this year for recipe updates, weight loss tips, and how to keep the extra pounds at bay!

For the New Year, it is great idea to give yourself a New Year’s Resolution.  Whether that be to dust off of the old bike in the basement or to say ‘no’ to more of the carbohydrates, set yourself a goal for the year.  According to the New York Times, only 5% of all Americans’ New Year’s Resolutions are mainntained throughout the year. One challange to yourself is to be one of the 5% of Americans.

1. Set your goal small at first.  This goal should be very simple, not too detail oriented.  Something as simple as moving the boxes off of the treadmill in your bedroom or dusting off your bike in the basement is a good start.  From there, schedule out your goal.

2.  What is your goal? To run/bike a marathon? Lose the 15 lbs that magnetically glued to you with every bite of holiday pie or winter drink?  To be healthier?  Set this goal as detailed as you can, and then get yourself started with Step 1.

3.  Supposedly, it takes 21 days to develop a habit.  And 3 months to notice a significant difference on the body.  Take a time out around the weekend of the 21st and re-examine if you’re on your way to acheiving your goal, or if you have yet to tackle the first few steps.

4. Spring cleaning is in a few months, but why not start today?  Go through your cupboards and see what junk you can toss, and how else to set up a healthier shopping list for you and your family.  Spring also means warmer weather, a time when most Americans decide to get off their rear ends and be active outside.  Start now on being active with the indoor treadmill and early spring cleaning.  Big Box shopping is a new craze to where you can walk around in large department stores (think Lowe’s Hopme Depot, Walmart, Costco).  Walk in these stores for 45 min and you’ve achieved your walking goal for the day, as well as discovered a new product for your home…all while staying warm.

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Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

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