Is Coffee Bad for You?

Many of my patients with heart disease, diabetes, or high blood pressure have been warned at various times in their lives to avoid caffeinated coffee.Ā  They’ve been told that drinking caffeinated coffee could make these medical conditions worse.Ā  They’ve even been told that it might cause cancer.Ā  Well’ I’m here to clear up the coffee confusion.

A recent review in the American Journal of Medicine editorial reviews the scientific evidence that caffeinated coffee in moderate doses (1-3 cups per day in some studies and more in other investigations) is not associated with increases in blood pressure, serum cholesterol levels, heart attacks, or cancer.

It’s mild stimulant effect might make it harder to fall asleep at night or cause you mild tremor to be a little worse but it certainly isn’t going to shorten your time on this green earth by a single day.

The bottom line is that coffee in moderate dose is essentially harmless.Ā  So drink up you java lovers!

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