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  • Understanding Headaches

    Headaches come in many forms It is important to find out where are someoneā€™s headaches located, and what time of the day do they start? Some headaches affect the front or the back of the skull, some start with tight neck muscles and pain that travels, others start when someone first wake ups while they are still lying in bed,

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  • Diabetic Brains

    The common form of diabetes (DM II) that affects 11-24% of the U.S. adult population is commonly discussed as a problem of elevated blood sugar primarily caused by obesity.Ā  Unfortunately, this version is very outdated. A steady stream of research is demonstrating that diabetes is a chronic condition resulting from the deterioration of brain function.Ā  Brain function deteriorates, and then

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  • Reversing Autism with The Nemechek Protocol ā€“ Update 2017

    There is growing scientific evidence that an imbalance of intestinal bacteria called SIBO (Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth) along with excessive inflammation within the brain are responsible for the features associated with Autism as well as ADD/ADHD, mood disorders, and developmental delay in children. Bacterial overgrowth occurs when large numbers of bacterial that predominantly live in the colon migrate upwards, and

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  • I’m Being Honored by Glendale Educational Foundation

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    I’m Being Honored by Glendale Educational Foundation. I’m being acknowledged for my achievements in Health and Science by the Glendale Educational Foundation. I went to elementary, junior high and high school in the school district operated by Glendale, California. Good thing I stuck with science, I would of never made it playing football! Thanks to all my patients who have believed in me as we explored and discovered treatments for a wide variety of conditions ranging from AIDS to autism. Could not of accomplished half of my work without your support.

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  • Are You Too Hungry?

    Too many people are too hungry, and the result is a dangerous process called overnutrition. Overnutrition doesnā€™t mean just too much nutrition, it means damage to the body by eating too much of a nutrient or substance. Examples disease cause by nutrients are blindness from vitamin A toxicity, heart failure from vitamin E toxicity, hypothalamus damage from vegetable oil and

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  • Probiotics: Helpful and Harmful

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    Probiotics: Helpful and Harmful. The use of probiotics is becoming extremely commonplace with a growing number of products being supplemented with a growing number of bacteria that are touted as health promoting. It is apparent consumers do not fully understand what they are, or what they can do, because the same people who use anti-bacterial wipes or gels will purchase a probiotic which is full of bacteria and swallow it without question. A probiotic is a supplement that contains bacteria that are capable of secreting mild acids once they reach the intestinal tract.

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  • Five Sources of Anxiety

    Ever feel anxious but do not know why? A hormone called noradrenaline causes nervousness, a rapid heart rate, a sense of insecurity, and a feeling of fear that may be triggered in several different ways. Understanding the different sources of anxiety may help people find the treatment answers that are best for each circumstance. They all result in the release of noradrenaline so the physical reaction to each kind of anxiety is identical.

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  • Brain Fog

    Do you occasionally have ā€œbrain fogā€?Ā  There are ways to reverse it without medication. Brain fog is a term used to describe times when someoneā€™s brain does not function correctly.Ā  Like a fog rolling in from the sea, something changes the way their brain functions. They notice an inability to focus on what they need to be doing, become forgetful,

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  • Foot Tappers

    Some people do not hold still, they are foot tappers.Ā  Do you know what causes this?Ā  Surprisingly, foot tapping may be a sign of an injured nervous system and it can be significant to overall health. You will notice foot tappers at times when they should be still. Ā This may be during meetings at work, when they are in restaurants

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  • It’s Nice Being Recognized

    It’s nice to have others recognize my medical expertise. The authors of the most recent textbook on the Autonomic Nervous System have cited my research from 2009 describing autonomic dysfunction in HIV Disease. This textbook explains the complicated science and math in the spectral analysis Autonomic Nervous System (brain) testing that I use to help my patients. Now in 2016

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