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The Nemechek Protocol® for Autism and Developmental Disorders 2nd Edition

The 2nd Edition of The Nemechek Protocol® for Autism and Developmental Disorders outlines Dr. Patrick M. Nemechek’s clear and concise description about the present scientific basis for autism and many childhood developmental disorders.

His unique but simple treatment is the most talked about approach for autism and developmental disorders of the last decade. The Nemechek Protocol® finally offers hope that children around the world afflicted with these conditions may begin on the path of neurological development and recovery.

Nemechek Protocol “Starter Packs” - Now Available

Parents seeking to start their child on The Nemechek Protocol® can now order a Starter Pack complete with Dr. Nemechek-approved products at a 10% discount.

COOC Certified Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Nemechek Gold Extra Virgin Olive Oil is tested and certified to meet the highest standards of the COOC (California Olive Oil Council).

We source our olives from only the highest quality California orchards to ensure high levels of health-promoting phenols without sacrificing the mild and buttery taste.  Nemechek Gold has a phenol count of 610 gallic eq mg/kg.

Organic Inulin Powder

Non-GMO prebiotic intestinal support that nourishes friendly bacteria. 

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High DHA Concentration Fish Oil

Pleasant tasting liquid fish oil i=with high concentration of DHA to improve brain health and function.

Dr. Patrick Nemechek

Dr. Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

My medical practice is based on groundbreaking, science-based, medicine.​

I understand that the failure of our bodies begins as unrepaired injury or damage in our brains. And because I understand the way our cells, brains and nervous system are supposed to function, I can work to restore the body to equilibrium, thereby ending symptoms and maximizing health. Stem cell regeneration, stimulating the bodies’ natural defenses, and rebalancing the intestinal tract and nervous system can reverse many disease processes and put metabolic inflammation into remission.

Dr. Nemechek is a classically trained internist who is often able to quickly zero in on the cause of your symptoms though a simple question-answer session – a skill that is missing from modern medicine.

Skype conferences (limited only to those living outside the U.S.) let people discuss with Dr. Nemechek about his protocol in detail. Only in-office appointments with Dr. Nemechek allow you to receive the full medical benefit of The Nemechek Protocol® medical consultation and treatment services. 

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