Nemechek Consultative Medicine Now Offers Online Access to Test Results!

Hi everyone,

As you know, I have always tried to use the latest technology to improve my communication and care I provide my patients. I started using an electronic medical records system in the mid-90’s and have used the system to provide patients with a complete visit summary after each visit.Ā  I believe this review of the office visit dramatically improved the level of communication between patients and myself.Ā  I then added customized lab results letter by e-mail in 2004, full e-prescribing in 2006 and a USBĀ flash drive medical records service in 2007.Ā 

Ā Well, I’m proud to announce another new feature of Nemechek Consultative Medicine.

PatientsĀ are now able to open a e-patient account with Quest Diagnostic LaboratoriesĀ that will allow your lab results to be e-mailed directly to you once completed. You can even have results exported into a personal health records account offered by Google Healthā„¢, Keasā„¢ and MicrosoftĀ® HealthVaultā„¢ if you like.Ā Ā  These personal health records accounts are free to patients and offer otherĀ nice features such as graphing test results, blood pressure andĀ blood sugar. You can even have yourĀ prescription information imported from pharmacies such as Walgreens and CVS.

If you think you would like to participate in this free program, you canĀ get more information and even register forĀ Quest’s VIP program by clicking here .Ā  Once you’ve registered, send me an e-mail and I’ll generate your PIN number so you can complete the registration process and start receiving your results by e-mail.

If you aren’t a patient but are interested in learning more aboutĀ Nemechek Consultative Medicine , goĀ online and read more about the services I offer.Ā  We are presently accepting new patients.Ā 

Take care.

Dr. Nemechek

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Esmee Rabi
Esmee Rabi
August 30, 2018 3:24 pm

Hi we live in Israel and my son is already 17 so probably the inulin wont help him? Or does it? How do I persuade my doctor he needs rifaximin 550 mg when I cant proof his light autism stems from bacterial overgrowth? Can I order Inulin online via your practice?

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