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  • You Really Don’t Need A Snack To Reduce Your Afternoon Hunger

    About 80% of my weight loss patients have a similar complaint, they feel a sense of hunger in the afternoon described as a “grumbling” of their stomach, a sense of weakness or even a shaky sensation as if they have low blood sugar.¬† And I tell them all the same thing, “Your sense of hunger and drive to eat something

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  • Calories in Thanksgiving Meal

    The holidays are meant for family and friends to be together.  For people trying to lose weight, a worry of the holidays is the Thanksgiving meal.  I’ve outlined the calories of a traditional Thanksgiving meal.  Keep in mind, this breakdown does not include going up for second servings. Thanksgiving Meal: Food                                  Amt     Cal     Fat    Carb   Sugar    Protein Turkey breast                             6 oz       282         14             0          14         

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  • Holiday Snacks and Foods to Try to Avoid

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    In the colder months, heavy and warm foods such as soups and breads are eaten more often than light foods, such as vegetables and salads.  To prevent weight gain in the colder months, it may come down to some basic rules.  Stop eating when you are full. Warm foods sit in the stomach sooner, giving that feeling of comfort to

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  • How Stress Affects The Body

    A 2004 study that followed mothers of chronically ill children showed that the stress of caregiving actually caused these women to age faster on a cellular level than did the mothers of healthy children who constituted the control group. When cells divide, the protective caps on the ends of the chromosomes, called telomeres, shorten slightly with each replication. The telomere

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  • True or False? Exercise Turns Fat Into Muscle.

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    False. Fat and muscles are both composed of different types of cells in our bodies. Exercise drives  muscle cells to grow larger.  The energy used during exercise will make the fat cells shrink. And substantially increasing the size of your muscle cells helps to increase the amount of energy your muscle will burn off  throughout the entire day.  But I

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  • Low Calorie/Carb Foods During the Holidays

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    Sampling and cooking go hand in hand, yet the chef may consume an entire meal during their ‚Äėtaste testing‚Äô before they actually serve their meals on a plate.¬† Try to be conscious of the amount of food you are eating during the food preparation.¬† Have a napkin or a plate nearby and place each item on the plate. ¬†This way

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  • Vitamin C….Too Much Of A Good Thing

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    Have you ever browsed the grocery isles seen that a product is labeled to be high in vitamin C? Generally it catches your eye and so you think it would be better for you, correct? However, this doesn‚Äôt necessarily mean you need to buy the product just because it is a ‚Äėgood source‚Äô of vitamin C. Vitamins are divided into

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  • Low Carb Chile Rellenos Casserole

    This recipe was recently served at a breakfast for our office. Everyone loved the dish because it was the main meal of a low carbohydrate pot luck for a staff meeting. Try this recipe for your family as it can easily be refrigerated and used the next day. Ingredients: 2 cups shredded cheddar cheese 2 cups shredded mozzarella cheese 1 4 oz. can

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  • Low Carb Egg McMuffins

    This recipe can be made once in preparation for the week.  It is half the calories of an Egg McMuffin and half the price.   Ingredients: 6 or 12 eggs 6 or 12 strips uncooked bacon 6 or 12 muffin tin (Optional) Avocado, tomato, cheese In a 6 or 12 muffin tin, curl an uncooked bacon strip around the sides

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  • How Fast Can I Expect To Lose Weight?

    Patients that I assist with weight loss are frequently disappointed that they may averaging only 1-2 pounds of decreased weight per week.¬† They have a false sense of appropriate weight loss rates.¬† I figure this is from the relentless false and misleading advertisements of most weight loss programs they’ve seen or read about. When a person is changing their eating

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