Autism and the Negative Impact of COVID on Recovery

Live Q&A Session with Dr. Nemechek on July 8th

In this short video, Dr. Nemechek outlines the negative impact COVID is having on a child’s recovery from autism and developmental delay. On July 8th at 9 AM (Los Angeles time), Dr. Nemechek will be reviewing this issue in much greater detail for members of Nemechek Navigator, an education, training, and support community for parents using The Nemechek Protocol. He will discuss specific treatment algorithms and dosing schedules he is using when incorporating combination therapy, PHGG (partially hydrogenated guar gum), pyridostigmine, and his recent success utilizing l-glutamine.

Join the Nemechek Navigator community for only $9.99 to join in this live Q&A event. You will also have access to Dr. Nemechek’s treatment guidance tool, The Progress Tracker, his updated video library, a Q&A database of nearly 900 questions answered by Dr. Nemechek, exclusive discounts on supplements, and the Vitality Smartcable, easy-to-read dosing guides, and enjoy chatting with hundreds of parents helping their children with The Nemechek Protocol. Join Nemechek Navigator today to receive more updates about this important Nemechek Protocol update, as well as future live video events.

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