Eat Protein To Suppress Hunger

How Much ProteinTo Eat

Patients on low carbohydrate diets are also encouraged to eat more protein.Ā  Many ask how much protein they should eat.Ā 

Now I could give you a formulaic answer by stating you need so many grams per protein per day (click here if you want toĀ readĀ a technical review) butĀ  formulas are of little practical use to the average person because the vast majority of us are not going to weight our protein before each meal.

A simple rule of thumb is to make proteinĀ the centerpiece of your meal.Ā  Always include a good portion of meat (any kind) with your meals.Ā Ā Relegate your carbohydrates a small side dish.

Hunger Suppression

Protein is importantĀ because it is one of the strongest suppressors of hunger.Ā  Almost everyone will tell you that their hunger through the day is greatly reducedĀ if they have a sizable amount of protein for breakfast (2-3 eggs and several strips of bacon).

Not only will you eat snack less because your hunger is suppressed but your hunger will drop even further because you arenā€™t eating the carbohydrates as snacks.Ā  Remember most carbohydrates (especially snack foods)Ā significantly increases your hunger levels.

Eating protein decreases your hunger and avoids the increase in hunger from the carbs you donā€™t snack on.Ā  The end result, you’ll experience a drop in your calories as well as your weight.

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