Juice Is Good For Me, Right?

Not necessarily.

Juice bottles and cartons are promoting good health by sporting the words ‘immunity’ or ‘super food’ on labels.  Many of them are loaded with other vitamins the diet is usually lacking, such as Vitamins A and E. But the diet could also receive these vitamins without the overload of sugar.

A ‘pound of fruit in a bottle’ also means a ‘lot of sugars’ in a bottle as well.  These sugars may be natural, but when the produce is juiced, all the fiber content is lost in what would be found in a normal fruit.  And these fibers help lessen the hunger stimulating impact of sugar.

Think of the last time you had home squeezed orange juice.  One orange only got you a glass about an inch or two high.  Imagine how many oranges it takes to fill an entire glass. That is how many oranges you’re drinking every morning.

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