Headaches and Lightheadedness

Headaches, A Common Malady A common problem many people experience from time-to-time is a headache. We can still function through the day with a mild headache but they can sometime become so severe as to incapacitate a person.Ā  There are many known causes of headaches but there are only a few that occur quite commonly […]

Headaches and Lightheadedness

Excess Carbohydrates Equals Lightheadedness and Fatigue

Introduction Many people are familiar with the occasionally sensation of feeling light-headed when getting up out of bed or after bending over to pick up an item or tie their shoes. This lightheadedness can sometimes be accompanied by visual changes such as seeing black spots, burred vision or transient vertigo. On occasion, the lightheadedness can

Excess Carbohydrates Equals Lightheadedness and Fatigue

Carbohydrates and Urination Problems

Introduction Many patients commonly experience symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency or incontinence.Ā  They may wake 2-4 times at night to urinate, have a sensation of needing to urinate but produce only a small amount of urine, have frequent or even the surprisingly urgent need to urinate during the daytime. Does this sound familiar?Ā  Many of

Carbohydrates and Urination Problems

High Cholesterol Is A Problem for Kids Too!

A federal health report says 20%Ā of U.S. children and teens have abnormal lipid levels, an indication of too much bad cholesterol, too little good cholesterol or high triglycerides.Ā  These abnormal levels can raise the risk for heart disease which is the leading cause of death in the United States. Reseachers have found that children and

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