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  • “Pickles and Ice Cream” or Why You Crave Sweets

    Why You Crave Carbohydrates, Salty or Sweet: Your Brain’s Need for Increased Blood Flow. Most people crave either salty or…

  • Excess Carbohydrates Equals Lightheadedness and Fatigue

    Introduction Many people are familiar with the occasionally sensation of feeling light-headed when getting up out of bed or after…

  • Juice Linked to Increased Diabetes Risk

    As many readers have argued, juice is good for you.  Why not?  It comes from fruit, and fruit is loaded…

  • Myth: You Need to Eat Carbohydrates To Fuel Your Body

    Do you need to eat carbohydrates to fuel your body?  No. Carbohydrates (sugars and starches) are digested in the intestinal…

  • Will Your Blood Sugar Drop if You Don’t Eat Frequently?

    No.  This is a common misconception and is not true. From an evolutionary perspective, we were designed as Stone Age…


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