The Importance of Finding Balance

We all want to live a healthy and balanced life. However, our busy lifestyles have left many of us tired, sick, and stressed out.

We know the standard advice is to eat better, reduce stress, and get more sleep.Ā  Unfortunately, many of us are past the point of simple fixes and we need medical solutions to renew our health and feel ā€œwellā€ again.

We are under siege, and our health is paying the price.Ā  We accumulate stress from a long list of things such as our jobs and families. On top of that we experience trigger events like childbirth, the death of a loved one, a car wreck, relocation, or financial problems.Ā  Our bodies react to these things and we stop sleeping well, get headaches and heartburn, develop bladder and skin problems, and see changes in our blood pressure and lab work.

These symptoms are the early signs of imbalance, and while they are common they are not normal.Ā  We have learned to live with the symptoms or we ā€œcontrolā€ them through pills, but we are missing the point.Ā  These symptoms are messages from our body.Ā  They are warning signs that we need to get back to good health or we risk getting very sick.

As an example, think of your body like a car.Ā  If your car engine and computer are not working correctly, your car will leak oil, make funny noises, and eventually break down.Ā  Like the car, if your brain and body are not in balance you may break down in the form of disease or illness.Ā  My approach is to test and evaluate my patientsā€™ Autonomic Nervous System.

The Autonomic Nervous System is the information highway of our bodies, and it tells me key things that may be going wrong with someone.Ā  I then come up with a game plan to avoid, control, or reverse these increasing disease states.

Improving your health and finding balance should be your priority, not just a goal.Ā  Keep searching for the professionals and the solutions that are right for you, and do not give up until you feel well again.

Go to Dr. Nemechek’s medical practice web site to read more about the autonomic nervous system or call 623-208-4226 if you are interested in scheduling an appointment to have your autonomic nervous system evaluated.

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