Video – How to Avoid Inflammation on Vacation

The oleic acid in olive oil reverses the inflammatory damage caused by the omega-6 fatty acids in the soy oil and vegetable oils you come in constant contact with when eating out on vacation.

Increased intakes of omega-6 fatty acids, especially linoleic acid in oil, an fuel inflammation throughout your body including your brain.  Oleic acid is an omega-9 fatty acid and helps reverse the inflammatory damage of excessive omega-6 fatty acids.

Not taking your EVOO on vacation can significantly impair progress with my brain recovery program, and generally increases inflammatory pain. That’s why I bring a flask of California olive oil whenever and where ever I travel.

I recommend California extra virgin olive oil because unfortunately so much of the EVOO imported into the U.S. from the Mediterranean is fraud, and has been blended with unhealthy soy oil and vegetable oils.

Learn more about the certification process of the California Olive Oil Council, and protect your health.

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Josephine Scholtz
Josephine Scholtz
July 17, 2018 7:07 am

I have a 3 year old non verbal son, with no other diagnosis, I have been on the protocol for about a month and have seen gains in his receptive language, he is reacting when I talk to him and his creative play has improved. My son is at a preschool so he gets O6 oils daily through the school lunches. Do I still just cook with the Olive oil or do I give him some orally to counteract the bad oils. I am also afraid he is not getting enough Olive oil by cooking with it as he just… Read more »

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