America, The Snacking Nation

recently published study from the University of North Carolina looking at trends in snacking behavior probably won’t surprise you:

  • Almost all adults (97%) now report snacking at least once a day (up from 71% in the 70s)
  • Adults are snacking more frequently per day. 
  • Our snacks contain higher amounts of salt and carbohydrates (dessert foods, salty snacks, candies, and sweetened beverages).
  • Snack foods contain more calories per snack.

The average American adult now gets a quarter of their daily calories from snacks. In addition, the total number of calories consumed has gone up. In other words, we’re not snacking instead of eating meals. We’re snacking in addition to meals.

Maybe the old-fashioned “three meals no snacking” approach is worth trying again, and if you feel hungry between meals its probably a build up of stomach acidRe-read my post about chewing a Tums instead of a snack for that midafternoon hunger.

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