Weight Loss – Your Weight Problem Is Actually A Hunger Problem

Most weight loss programs are focused on the consumption of calories.Ā  Why is that?Ā  You donā€™t ā€œchooseā€ to eat extra calories every day.Ā  You eat extra calories because your brain is demanding you to eat.Ā  When you simply try to eat fewer calories your brain begins telling you that your hungry and you need to eat.Ā  Constructing a weight loss program without addressing the brainā€™s excessive sense of hunger is as illogical as trying to avoid sleeping because you can get more work done in a day.Ā  With time, your brain will ultimately win out.

You have a ā€œhungerā€ problem, not an ā€œeating too many caloriesā€ problem. Conquer your hunger, you will naturally eat fewer calories and you will finally conquer your weight problem.

Why Do We Use The Word Hunger?

Our brain receives countless signals from our body.Ā  Some signals strike our brain as pleasant while others make us feel uncomfortable.Ā  You may feel some foot pain because a small pebble in your shoe, enjoy the please smell of a flower or maybe sense a grumbling sensation in our stomach that you interpret as hunger.

You believe the stomach grumbling is hunger only because eating food makes the grumbling go away.Ā  While true hunger is the biological drive for nutrition, many other sensations will improve when we eat in spite of the sensations having nothing to do with the need for nutrition.Ā  Just think of the times when youā€™ve eaten soup or crackers to settle your stomach when youā€™ve been ill.Ā  You were necessarily hungry, you often felt a little nauseated.Ā  The food reduces your nausea not because you needed nutrition but because of other biological effects food can have.

You believe youā€™re hungry because your brain has learned that if you eat, this uncomfortable sensation go away.Ā  Itā€™s a cause and effect relationship.Ā  Feel grumbling, eat food, symptoms go away, therefore it must be hunger.Ā  Unfortunately, this string of logic is often wrong.

The grumbling you feel in your stomach often has nothing to do with your need for nutrition and the reason the grumbling goes away after eating is not because youā€™ve increase some level or nutrient in your body.

Youā€™re Overweight Because Your Brain Is Too Hungry.

The primary reason you are overweight is not because you eat too much.Ā  You are overweight because your brain is telling you to eat food that will make the symptoms you are experiencing go away whether you truly need nutrition at that moment or not.

You donā€™t plan on overeating during the day.Ā  Your brain is ordering you to eat because your brain feels certain sensations.Ā  Your brain has learned that food will make these sensations go away.

Therefore, your weight is really a reflection of your hunger.Ā  Excessive hunger equals excessive eating.Ā  Excessive eating equals excessive weight.Ā  Learn how to decrease your hunger, and you will learn how to finally lose weight.

How Will The Science Of Hunger Program Help You?

Have you ever eaten lunch only to feel hungry an hour or 2 later?Ā  How about the craving for food a few hours after eating dinner?Ā  Why should you feel hungry when you have just recently eaten?

The truth is you donā€™t need additional nutrition. You need to learn to correctly understand the sensations you experience and have incorrectly labeled as ā€œhungerā€ over your life time.Ā  These false hunger sensations are often cause by certain foods we eat such as artificial sweeteners or processed sugars or symptoms of your body not functioning in a healthy manner often because of the excessive carbohydrates you consume.

As a result of your declining hunger, you will naturally not eat as often or as much as will effortlessly lose weight.

What Weight Loss Aids Do I Use


The focus is not on eating less but instead on “being less hungry”.Ā  If you are less hungry, you simply eat less without having to fight against the cravings.Ā  Unfortunately, this is not something you can easily do at home.

A first quick step is a reduction of carbohydrates to less than 100 grams per day.Ā  Unfortunately many patients have a combination of things (autonomic dysfunction, metabolic damage, intestinal bacterial imbalance) that are driving their hunger beyond normal.


If you are interested in having me help you reduce your weight by reducing abnormal levels of hunger, consider signing up for an introductory phone consultation to see if I might be of assistance to you.

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