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The causes of Headaches vary greatly and in most instances can be eliminated by a properly functioningĀ Autonomic System achieved by a healthy diet.

  • Headaches? Maybe you need more Oxygen!

    Ā Do You Have Chronic Headaches? Recurring headaches may hit us at certain times of the day (mid-morning or afternoon), when…

  • Thin But Constantly Hungry

    Thin But Constantly Hungry. We often think being thin is the same thing as being ā€œhealthyā€, but this is not…

  • My health was never the same after ā€¦

    Can you say this about your health: ā€œI was never the same after my __________” (fill in the blank with…

  • My Approach, My Purpose

    Several years ago I began working in a busy medical clinic and I was shocked to learn how sick, as…

  • Do You Feel Broken After Pregnancy?

    Common Problems After Pregnancy In my practice, I commonly encounter women who developed a number of physical problems that seemed…

  • Cancer Treatment Can Cause Persistent Fatigue

    There are a variety of studies documenting the phenomena of persistent fatigue lasting years after treatment for cancer.Ā  Many researchers…

  • How Pregnancy Changes a Woman’s Brain

    We know a lot about the links between a pregnant mother’s health, behavior, and moods and her baby’s cognitive and…

  • Do You Have Trouble Concentrating?

    Psychologists are finding out that even when people try to focus on a task they tend to lose concentration within…

  • “Pickles and Ice Cream” or Why You Crave Sweets

    Why You Crave Carbohydrates, Salty or Sweet: Your Brainā€™s Need for Increased Blood Flow. Most people crave either salty or…

  • Lightheadedness, Headaches and Fatigue

    Many patients with symptoms of lightheadedness, recurrent or chronic headaches or chronic fatigue are often suffering from inadequate blood flow…


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