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What Dr. N Eats…..

What Dr. N Eats…..
May 28, 2011 Patrick Nemechek, D.O.

Had a nice lunch yesterday…..

A small butcher block covered with a variety of italian meats, some chunks of delicious parmesan, goat cheese, white bean puree, almonds, pistachios, sweet yellow peppers, beautiful italian olives, asparagus, a few raisins andĀ dried cranberries andĀ Ā some toastedĀ ciabatta.Ā 

Enjoyed it with a nice glass of Spanish Tempranillo, 2007.

Pretty much finished it off.Ā  Left the ciabatta untouched (present in upper right).Ā 

Bread is so over-rated when you feel healthy eating low carb.

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Cheryl Kerr-Hodgkinson
Cheryl Kerr-Hodgkinson

Now that’s a lunch I would enjoy! I am carrying almonds (natural, nothing added) and usually cheese sticks with me in the car to drive around JoCo. I will stop and get a salad with meat in it occasionally if I need to spend some time out of the car and between patients. I’m trying to work my way in the lo-carb healthy direction!


It was a great lunch!

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