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Autonomic Nervous System

Read more about the Autonomic Nervous System and how it controls every function of your body and how it affects your health.

  • It’s Time to Worry If Your Child Has Heartburn

    Does your child have heartburn? If your child has heartburn it’s because they are slowly being poisoned by the carbohydrates…

  • Headaches and Lightheadedness

    Headaches, A Common Malady A common problem many people experience from time-to-time is a headache. We can still function through…

  • Carbohydrates Can Cause Bladder Infections

    Introduction I see many men and women who complain of recurrent urinary tract infections.  They may also complain of frequent…

  • Excess Carbohydrates Equals Lightheadedness and Fatigue

    Introduction Many people are familiar with the occasionally sensation of feeling light-headed when getting up out of bed or after…

  • Carbohydrates and Urination Problems

    Introduction Many patients commonly experience symptoms of urinary frequency, urgency or incontinence.  They may wake 2-4 times at night to…

  • How to Start Your Low Carb Diet

    The approach taken on this blog is not the Adkin’s diet.  Completely eliminating carbohydrates is not the intention, but more…

  • ALERT: Please Read This If You Are A Patient With HIV Infection

    On Tuesday, February 23, the Food and Drug Administration issued a warning about the potential of life-threatening heart risks when…

  • You Really Don’t Need A Snack To Reduce Your Afternoon Hunger

    About 80% of my weight loss patients have a similar complaint, they feel a sense of hunger in the afternoon…

  • Weight Loss Can Reverse Sleep Apnea

    Losing weight may help overweight individuals sleep better by improving and potentially eliminating sleep apnea symptoms.  Although doctors have long…

  • Will Your Blood Sugar Drop if You Don’t Eat Frequently?

    No.  This is a common misconception and is not true. From an evolutionary perspective, we were designed as Stone Age…

  • Heartburn, Acid Build-Up and Low Blood Sugar

    Whether you have heartburn (GERD), bloating with meals or symptoms commonly attributed to hypoglycemia, you may not know it but…


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